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How much money do Formula 1 drivers earn?

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How much money do Formula 1 drivers earn?

Who are the girlfriends of Formula 1 drivers?

Breaking records and running at full speed, the pilots of the Formula 1 They steal the show every time they hit the track.

In addition to being admired by hundreds of fans, Formula 1 drivers have the unconditional support of their wives and girlfriends, who are behind each triumph.

Although some pilots keep their love lives private, others are more open and share aspects of their relationships and families on social media.

1. Charles Leclerc: Recognized for competing in Formula 1 for the Ferrari team since 2019, his partner is Alexandra Saint Mleux, who studies Art History in Paris, France. Although she maintains a private profile on Instagram, she is very active on TikTok.

2. Lance Stroll: The Canadian racing driver who competes in Formula 1 for the Aston Martin team, has been in a romantic relationship since 2021 with the Italian model. 28 years old, Sara Pagliaroli.

3. Sergio Pérez: The Mexican Formula 1 driver who represents the Red Bull Racing team is married to Carola Martínez.

Carola, a 27-year-old woman born in Guadalajara, prefers to keep her life private and avoid public exposure. The couple married in 2018 and currently have four children.

4. Max Verstappen: Red Bull Racing driver, is in a romantic relationship with Kelly Piquet since 2020. Kelly, daughter of former pilot Nelson Piquet, works as a public relations agent and was previously in a relationship with pilot Daniil Kvyat, with whom she has a daughter.

5. Carlos Sainz (Scuderia Ferrari): After his breakup with Isabel Hernáez, Carlos Sainz has been seen with Rebecca Donaldson, A 28-year-old Scottish girl, she entered the world of fashion and modeling at the age of 17, after participating in Top Model UK.

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