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How to become a dog educator in Canavese. Love and empathy are essential

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How to become a dog educator in Canavese.  Love and empathy are essential

The courses include theoretical and practical lessons ranging from dog agility to search for missing persons

Rivarolo Canavese

For those who love animals there are many job opportunities, which are not just becoming veterinarians or opening a shop that sells specimens or goods for their food and care. One option, which also in Canavese offers good opportunities, both for the high number of animals and for the presence of specialized courses, is to become a dog trainer or educator.

The necessary characteristics are few, even if important: first of all you need to love animals and dogs and have patience and empathy to transmit during your work. For training, however, you can follow one of the many courses in our area, such as the one provided by The dog island of Rivarolo.

The courses are certified by Enci, the Italian National Dog Association, and usually provide training of 112 theoretical hours, also online, and 84 hours of practical lessons, which take place mainly on weekends to allow everyone, even those who already another job, to be able to take part in it. The course, which in the case of Rivarolo in the past edition had a total cost of about 1,400 euros, is aimed at training dog trainers, similar to personal trainers for dogs, with a qualification recognized by the National Dog Organization for section 1, ie dogs from utility, pet, agility and sport and is also dedicated to candidates with no experience in the sector or without particular prerequisites. The training, as the organizers of the course explain, aims to give a thorough knowledge of the dog, which initiates future trainers to operate in full respect of the dog and its nature. The course illustrates the basic training techniques and techniques and rules of the most popular dog sports. All techniques are based on positive reinforcement and the gentle method. Furthermore, when registering for the course, the trainer’s Enci code of ethics must be signed.

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The teachers are usually trainers with a long experience behind them or veterinarians: during the practical lessons we work on basic education on real cases, on the recovery of problematic dogs, not socialized or with behavioral problems thanks to the use of dogs called tutors , we study the setting of basic and more advanced exercises through positive reinforcement, that is, anything that produces the repetition of a behavior as an effect, and clicker training. With the clicker training mechanism, the aim is to obtain the repetition of an action: after a first phase in which the simple association is made between the noise produced by the clicker (a training tool that produces the click, ndr) and a treat, for the dog the click will be a real reinforcement because it will act in an attempt to get another click.

Another important point of the training courses concerns canine communication: the trainees will have to apply what they have learned in the theoretical and practical lessons in a simulated case. We then move on to obedience and agility dog ​​through regulations, training techniques and dog management with the method of positive reinforcement. There is also no shortage of basic dog dance and athletic training exercises for the dog through body awareness, training and warm-up useful in all dog disciplines and also through play. A more specialized part concerns the research techniques on the surface, with exercises and practical bases for the training of search dogs of dispersed on the surface. The exam of the course is divided into written, oral and practical tests, where you can also participate with your dog or with one agreed with the organization, in addition to the examiners there is always an ENCI examiner. –

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