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How to choose the pillow of your dreams?

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How to choose the pillow of your dreams?

Having a suitable pillow can be the guarantee to be more productive on a daily basis and have a quality rest.

When sleeping, it is important that both the head, neck and spine are aligned since they allow an equitable distribution of the body’s weight and this is the main function of the pillow.

There are different forms of rest and many types of pillow that you should purchase according to your needs.

Carla Hidalgo, physiotherapist at the Reina Sofía Clinic in Colsanitassays that when the person lies on their back and puts a pillow under their knees, it contributes to reducing the weight that the spine must bear during rest time.

If you sleep on your side, a pillow placed between your knees helps relieve tension in your lower back.

And if the person sleeps face down, it is advisable to put the pillow on the lower abdomen, in such a way that the curvature of the spine is minimized and the body relaxes more.

The position of the pillow not only influences the rest of people, some of them are especially necessary to contribute to the rapid improvement of joint replacement surgery, spinal cord injuries, pregnant women or patients who have come out of surgeries in the abdominal area as it can relieve tension in the muscles close to the operated area. In the case of babies, its proper use will prevent reflux.

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Hidalgo, comments on the 5 considerations that you must have so that your pillow is your ideal ally to rest.

  1. Check the proper size: the width of your pillow should be greater than the width of your shoulders. Everything related to thickness and height must vary between 10 and 15 centimeters. Other options and features are up to your personal taste.
  2. The filling is the most important part: There are different ways to fill a pillow. – Duck feathers, having a soft and light texture, tend to deform more easily. However, they take their official position in an agile way. These are recommended for those people who usually sleep on their stomachs.
  • Those made of synthetic or natural latex, for their part, are firm and adapt more easily to the curvature of the neck. This is recommended and is ideal for people with a thick build.
  • Synthetic polyester fibers adapt more easily to the needs of each person, but their functional duration is much shorter as they constantly deform.
  • Finally, polyurethane foam pillows have special memory effect properties as they accommodate the curvature between the head and neck and provide good support. They are mainly recommended for side sleepers, however these can be the most expensive.
  1. Take care of the hygiene of your pillow: Hidalgo comments that it is recommended that the pillows have constant airing to prevent unpleasant odors from concentrating. Periodically, it is important to turn it over to prevent it from deforming and wash it from time to time to prevent the appearance of mites. Weekly, it is recommended to change the covers that come with the sets of sheets.
  2. Do not suffer from neck pain: the position of the pillow is essential. When you sleep with a very high pillow or double pillow, it can cause discomfort in the shoulders and spine. Always try to keep your neck in a straight position.
  3. The ideal trip with the perfect pillow: These types of accessories are very useful to make journeys more enjoyable, since the head and neck support prevent discomfort and muscle pain. This type of element, when used suddenly, has a wide portfolio of materials to make it more resistant, such as styrofoam, fabric, cotton, or those that are inflated with air. “Although they are the most used due to space and price, air-based pillows are very rigid to fulfill the ergonomic function, however, if the trip is short, it could work,” concluded Hidalgo.
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