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How to climb the slope and pass the hurdle for the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast to see these 4 keywords

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  How to Climb the Hillside for the Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China

The State Council recently approved the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China.” This important document and the recent meeting of the State Council’s Leading Group for the Revitalization of Old Industrial Bases in Northeast China have jointly released a series of important signals to promote the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China. From keywords such as deepening reform, opening to the outside world, industrial upgrading, and improving people’s livelihood, we can see the direction of the revitalization of Northeast China during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

  Keyword One


The meeting pointed out that to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast, greater efforts must be made to deepen reforms. Continue to promote reforms in key areas, promote the better integration of effective markets and effective governments, and deepen the reform of “delegation, regulation, and service” around optimizing the business environment.

Reform is the “bull nose” of the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast. The comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast does not rely on a few major projects. It must solve the development environment problems, strive to break the system and mechanism obstacles, and strive to stimulate the vitality of market players. At present, the Northeast is still in a critical stage of climbing and overpassing the hurdles. The most prominent problem restricting the revitalization of the Northeast is still the accumulated abuses and contradictions in the system and mechanism.

To this end, it is necessary to focus on optimizing the business environment and adapt to the real development needs of market players as the starting point, and strive to create a market-oriented, legalized, convenient and internationalized business environment. The reform of state-owned enterprises is still the “highlight” of the revitalization of the Northeast. At the same time, it will effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, in order to form a new pattern of “overwhelming” small enterprises and “indomitable” for large enterprises.

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  Keyword Two


Unfolding the world map, my country’s northeastern region is located in the center of Northeast Asia, bordering Russia, North Korea, Mongolia, and Japan and South Korea. It has geographical advantages along the coast. How to play the card of opening to the outside world is of vital importance to the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast.

The meeting proposed that it is necessary to give full play to the geographical advantages of the northeast coast and border areas, and do a good job in opening up to the outside world. At present, the Northeast has three state-level new districts, namely Dalian Jinpu, Changchun, and Harbin, and a number of key functional platforms such as the China-Japan (Dalian) Local Development Cooperation Demonstration Zone. In the next step, relying on these key functional platforms, more vigorous opening measures can be taken.

It is worth mentioning that the high-quality development plan for the coastal economic belt of Liaoning adopted at this meeting will become an important guide for opening up a new situation of coastal opening up in the Northeast. The concept of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt has been put forward for more than 10 years. In the new plan, the state pays great attention to this economic belt, hoping that it can be built into a new window for opening up to the outside world in the Northeast, and drive the entire Northeast to “turn to the sea.”

  Keyword three


The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to speed up the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in the Northeast. First, increase support for agriculture, combine the construction of national grain bases with new urbanization, and vigorously develop modern agriculture. This means that the Northeast will introduce talents, technology, scientific and technological strength and modern service industries into the countryside through the development of modern agriculture.

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Industrial revitalization is the top priority of the revitalization of the Northeast, especially three major articles on upgrading the industrial structure: transformation and upgrading of “old brands”, in-depth development of “original brands”, and cultivation and growth of “new brands”.

The transformation and upgrading of the “old brand” is to use a new generation of information technology to empower the “old brand” industry; the in-depth development of the “original brand” is to supplement, extend and strengthen the “old brand” industrial chains such as metallurgy and petrochemicals. Cultivating and expanding the “new brand” is to vigorously promote the development of strategic emerging industries, high-tech manufacturing and high-tech service industries, and develop a digital economy that combines the advantages of the resource endowment of the Northeast.

  Keyword Four

  People’s livelihood

The meeting pointed out that the revitalization of Northeast China is, in the final analysis, to better protect and improve people’s livelihood. We must focus on promoting employment, increase support for small, medium and micro enterprises to stabilize their jobs, and actively develop flexible employment. To ensure that pensions are paid on time and in full, and to strengthen public services such as education and medical care, the central government’s special transfer payment support should be tilted in these areas.

Employment is the biggest livelihood of the people. Governments at all levels in the Northeast must prioritize employment stability, strive to complete the annual new urban employment target, and ensure that the dynamics of zero-employment households are cleared. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the relevant departments in the Northeast region must persist in using limited resources on their blades, ensuring basic, bottom line, and wide coverage, insisting that the government has a tight life and the people live a good life, and continue to improve the ability to guarantee basic public services.

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The meeting also passed the Northeast Revitalization Special Transfer Payment Fund Management Measures, which is a major benefit for solving the problem of the pension insurance fund gap that has plagued Northeast for a long time.


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