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How to vote in the elections for the House and Senate: a guide to the ballot paper

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How to vote in the elections for the House and Senate: a guide to the ballot paper

The elections of 25 September are held according to the rules laid down by the Rosatellumthe same electoral law with which the 2018 policies were voted on. This year, however, they are introduced two novelties: il right to vote in the Senate by and eighteen year olds and the cut of parliamentarianswhich pass and 945 and 600 after the entry into force of the 2020 constitutional reform.
The Rosatellum provides a mixed electoral systemwith the application of majority method in the single-member colleges and of that proportional in the plurinominal colleges. Unlike the previous electoral law, the Mattarellum, the current one provides that the 37,5% of the seats is assigned with the majority criterion, while the remainder 62,5% is assigned with the proportional system. Therefore, as stated in the Government FAQ on the political elections of 2022, «the assignment of 147 seats in the Chamber e you 74 seats in the Senate it is carried out in single-member constituencies, in which the most voted candidate is proclaimed elected. The allocation of the remaining seats in the districts of the national territory (245 e 122respectively for the House and the Senate) takes place in multi-member constituencies, with the proportional method between the lists and the coalitions of lists that have exceeded the thresholds predetermined by the law “.

As regards the voting methodsthey can go to vote in their own City of residencefrom 7 am to 11 pm on Sunday 25 September, all Italian citizens with electoral card e identification document. In the event that the electoral card should be lost or with all the spaces for the stamps occupied, a copy can be requested free of charge from the electoral offices of your municipality, even during the same day of the elections.

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How to vote on Sunday 25 September: the ballot paper

For the 2022 general election, the voter will be given one pink card for candidates for the Chamber of Deputies and one yellow card for the Senate. Exist different ways to express your preferences on the ballot paper and it is useful to know what not to do to make the ballot void.

The electoral law in force it does not provide for separate voting. It is notso, possible express a preference for a single-member candidate and for a list other than those that support it.

The card is considered nothing even if there are recognizable signs, such as drawings or pencils, if a pencil other than the copying one delivered to the polling station is used and if more votes are cast than is possible.

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