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Hubei big explosion shakes Zhongnanhai Xi Jinping’s emergency voice for party celebration | Natural gas explosion in Shiyan, Hubei | Vegetable market | Li Keqiang

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[New Tang Dynasty News, June 14, 2021, Beijing time]A gas explosion occurred at a trade market in Shiyan City, Hubei Province on the morning of the 13th, causing at least 150 deaths and injuries. After the incident, Xi Jinping immediately stated that he demanded serious accountability and created a good atmosphere for the party’s centuries. Li Keqiang also said to curb the occurrence of major accidents.

According to a report from the Chinese Communist Party Xinhua News Agency on the 13th, after the gas explosion, Xi Jinping immediately said that the accident caused heavy casualties and learned a lot; he called for the rescue of the wounded and the aftermath of the relatives of the casualties; the cause was as soon as possible, and the responsibility was seriously investigated.

Xi Jinping also spoke out in response to the recent production safety accidents and campus safety incidents in many parts of the country, requesting the relevant departments of all regions to comprehensively investigate various safety hazards, prevent major emergencies, “maintain the overall stability of the society”, and “create a good atmosphere for the party’s centuries. “.

Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the Communist Party of China, said that it is necessary to strengthen safety supervision and detection of hidden dangers in key areas, curb the occurrence of major accidents, make every effort to treat, find out the cause of the accident, and hold accountability in accordance with law.

Ying Yong, a close friend of Xi Jinping and secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, also took action. Another confidant of Xi, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Governor Wang Zhonglin rushed to the scene of the explosion.

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Netizens said: “Xi Jinping immediately gave instructions, perhaps to support his cronies.” Others think: “It is still the first thing to think of maintaining the stability of the regime and creating a good atmosphere for the party’s centuries.”

The explosion occurred at 6:30 in the morning on June 13, when the vegetable market of the 41st factory in Yanhu District, Zhangwan District, Shiyan City was destroyed by a gas explosion, causing heavy casualties. According to the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, 150 people had been rescued as of about 2 pm, of which 12 were dead, 138 were injured, and 37 of them were seriously injured.

The live video showed that when the explosion occurred, it was the opening hours for grocery shopping in the morning. The glass 300 meters away was shattered! The first floor of the market collapsed, and the fire truck was also blown up by a second explosion. A large pit was exploded in the center of the explosion, and even the reinforced concrete structure was destroyed. The injured people were lying on the ground in all directions.

Residents near the incident said that their roof was also overturned, and people immediately ran downstairs after hearing the loud explosion. Some merchants said that the market collapsed after a loud noise. The market was littered with concrete stones. Residents’ terraces were damaged near the market, and many cars parked around the market were damaged.

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Many people have not been rescued from the local martial law

Mr. Wang, the owner of a hot pot restaurant near the incident, told the Epoch Times reporter, “The explosive vegetable market is on two floors. The underground floor is the vegetable market. The people selling and buying vegetables were earlier. I don’t know which part of the gas pipe exploded. It exploded. The ceiling was made of cement-filled prefabricated panels. After the explosion, pieces fell off and injured many people.”

Ms. Li, a resident living in the explosive area, said that their house was seriously damaged. They were not allowed to be near their homes and had been driven outside. They could not go back to get things, could not go to the scene, and many people had not been rescued. .

“Some of the injured were in the hospital, the dead on the spot were pulled away by the car, and many others were not rescued…” Ms. Li said that the explosion was caused by a gas leak and a pipeline explosion; many people were taken to the city hospital. , Zhangwan District Hospital and Taihe Hospital.

Mr. Wang said that it is fortunate that today’s Dragon Boat Festival will be a holiday, otherwise there will be more casualties. If there is no holiday, many students will have breakfast there in the morning. More people at work and school eat breakfast there, and the consequences will be more serious.

The area of ​​Dongfeng Company’s Fourth One Factory, Checheng Street, Zhangwan District, was also severely affected. The dormitory building was also bombed. People living in the Fourth One Factory’s dormitory told The Epoch Times that after the explosion, they were all asked to stay outside and could not return. The dormitory.

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People in Yanhu Alley, Checheng Street, Zhangwan District, said that they were not allowed to live in the community, and they were sent out at 8 o’clock in the morning. “There is all martial law over there, you can only go out but not in.”

The staff of a shop dozens of kilometers away from the explosion site informed that the explosion was caused by the leakage of the natural gas pipeline; the scene was sealed off, and the surrounding people were not allowed to see the scene.

Some netizens accused the official news of covering up the truth. “Natural gas must leak to cause an explosion. Such a large area should be caused by a serious leak or man-made. Why do the major media avoid the word’leakage’?”

The vegetable market where the explosion occurred was built in the early 1990s. There were 19 pharmacies, breakfast shops and other shops on the first floor, uninhabited activity rooms on the second floor, and 49 convenient stalls across the road. 913 residents and shops were evacuated after the incident. .

After the incident, the wounded were sent to major hospitals in Shiyan City for treatment. Due to the emergency of the Shiyan blood bank, the local people called on citizens to donate blood. In the afternoon, the authorities announced that more than 10,000 citizens had donated blood.

(Reporter Li Yun comprehensive report/responsible editor: Fan Ming)

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