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Hubs, family doctors and pharmacies: how the campaign for the third dose changes

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Hubs or pharmacies, family doctors or direct call via text message. The Regions are preparing to face the new phase of the vaccination campaign, that of administering the third dose even to over 40s. An acceleration decided by the government to counter the resurgence of infections in the country, as evidenced by the circular published by the Ministry of Health. The document certifies “the increased circulation of the virus”. And he recommends the third dose to over 40s, “without prejudice to priority” for those who have yet to complete the first cycle.

The trend of third doses

To date, in Italy, fully vaccinated people are over 45 million, equal to 76.5% of the population and 84% of those over 12. To have received the third dose, however, are 2.5 million people, included in the categories authorized up to now, that is frail, guests of the RSA, health personnel, people over 60 and those who have received Johnson & Johnson for at least 6 months, regardless of age. But as of December 1st, the so-called mass vaccination will be returned for all over 40s who have completed the 180-day primary cycle.

Vaccine even without reservation

The web is the main gateway for most regions to book for the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. M Commissioner Figliuolo asked the regions to provide for everyone “the additional possibility of accessing vaccination directly at the vaccination hubs without reservation”. At the moment there is still a certain lack of homogeneity: only some have also activated the direct call and foresee the involvement of family doctors. But the situation is rapidly changing

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Family doctors are also on the pitch in Lazio

Some regions will have to rely on vaccination centers that are now closed, as will happen in Porto Torres, in Sardinia, where an extraordinary hub will open from 22 to 27 November to allow the inoculations of booster doses. The LazioInstead, it will strengthen the facilities available, which will be supported by the work of family doctors and pharmacies, which have exceeded 100,000 vaccinations (of which over 25% third doses). Same strategy in Abruzzo, where the peak of requests is expected between December and January.

Piedmont and Liguria ready to be called via text message

In Lombardy the organizational model will remain the one already tested for the first vaccination cycle, ie booking through the portal and administration in pharmacies and hubs which are all still open. The Piedmont, which leads the ranking of the regions with the greatest number of booster doses, is ready to open the adhesion campaign to the new phase by sending a call text message to the interested parties at the vaccination centers, as will happen in Liguria. However, the booking through the regional portal remains active.

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