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Human capital – International

Every year hundreds of people die crossing the Mediterranean in search of a better life: according to the UN refugee agency, in 2022 there are already more than a thousand victims of shipwrecks. Many of them remain nameless.

Giving him back an identity is the commitment of the anthropologist and legal doctor Cristina Cattaneo, who is fighting at an international level to create a European database of the missing. Cattaneo will talk to the journalist Mario Calabresi on 30 September in Ferrara. Some excerpts from the podcast will be broadcast at the opening of the meeting Catch of the day, made from a text by the French journalist Éric Fottorino, with an introduction by Cesare Martinetti della Stampa.

Agriculture, logistics and catering: these are the sectors in which foreign labor is most widespread, but exploitation is also widespread. To combat the phenomenon, new rules are needed but also new ways of thinking about immigration: no longer as an emergency but as a global phenomenon and a resource for the host countries. On 2 October Monia Giovannetti of the Cittalia foundation, the journalist Angelo Mastrandrea, Yvan Sagnet of the Nocap association and Anna Viola Toller of the Cidas cooperative, who collaborated in organizing the meeting, will talk about it in Ferrara. Introduces and moderates Stefania Mascetti of Internazionale.

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