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Humanity in port, but only the fragile come down. And the NGO rebels: “It’s rejection”

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Humanity in port, but only the fragile come down.  And the NGO rebels: “It’s rejection”

Roma – Many children and babies, a single rescue, a boat that is too small. The 93 of the Rise Above, but only those, will all land in Sicily. The Interior Ministry gives its ok. But for all the others, an exhausting tug-of-war is looming, at sea and in Europe. The selection of the castaways, among more or less vulnerable, offered by the Italian government as the only one chance to disembark the fragile, it is declared illegitimate by humanitarian organizations that shout at the refusals and fear the risk of disorder on board.Humanity 1, at 11 in the evening, is the first to arrive in Catania. But not because the Interior Ministry has granted the long-awaited Pos. Only the time necessary to let children and the frail go down. “We fear collective rejection,” they say appealing to the media to be present at pier 25 to account for what is happening.

The first test that could lead to an urgent appeal to the Lazio TAR against the decree signed by Piantedosi, Salvini and Crosetto judged illegitimate by the advocacy of the NGOs. While Piantedosi confirms: “No backtracking on humanitarian obligations but, once the fragile ones have landed, the ships with all the others will have to leave Italian waters”. Unless in Europe the award of him passes: that is, that the flag States are responsible for the migrants rescued from the ships, who must be identified on board and apply for international protection there. Only in this case Italy is willing to drop them off and then embark them directly on a plane to the countries in which the Dublin regulation would hinge their management.

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Pending on-board inspections

But in the meantime, the thirteenth day of first aid has passed in the unnerving expectation of the arrival, announced for the night, of the port authority of Catania for the eventual evacuation of children, pregnant women, the frail.
At the command of the Humanity 1, the only one of the four ships to have received the decree that prohibits “staying in the territorial waters longer than necessary to ensure rescue and assistance to people in emergency conditions or in precarious health conditions”, Commander Joachim says: “As captain, I am responsible for the safety of all people on board. After two weeks on the bridge, in these stormy conditions and especially with the story of the survivors in Libya, all these people urgently need to land in a safe place. This is their right and I will fight for it ».

“At sea to save our daughter”, the stories of migrants aboard the Geo Barents

by Alessandra Ziniti

The other ships in the dark about everything

Geo Barents e Ocean Viking they cross just a few miles away looking for shelter from the bad weather that will rage until Monday. “We have not received any communication or decree – says the head of mission of MSF Juan Matias Gil -. But do they have any idea what might happen aboard the ship if only a few get off? At least dozens of them would jump into the water. Everyone is fragile and everyone has to get off ».

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Questions and answers on migrants, all the numbers of the invasion that is not there

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The hypothesis of recourse to the TAR

The copy of the decree notified to Sos Humanity meanwhile makes the rounds of the NGOs that are studying the hypothesis of an appeal to the TAR, as it happened in 2019 when the administrative judges canceled Salvini’s decree which prohibited entry into Italian waters to Open Arms. “The illegitimate attempt to disembark only some of the shipwrecked and indiscriminately reject all the others outside the national territorial waters is objectively configured as a form of collective rejection”, the opinion of the jurists of theass.
And that the hard fist is only against NGOs is demonstrated by the new entry into an Italian port of a foreign cargo: the Zagara, flying the Liberian flag, brought two bodies to Augusta and 59 migrants recovered 100 miles from Benghazi. Italy is coordinating the rescue in the Libyan SAR area.
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