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Hunan Expressway Traffic Police Launches the Second National Concentrated and Unified Action for Public Security Inspection, Publicity and Prevention in Summer Nights-Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

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5,000 yuan fine for altering the number plate, 12 points and detention

The high-speed traffic police carried out the second nationwide centralized and unified action for public security inspections on summer nights, and announced a number of cases

Xiaoxiang Morning News integrated Hunan Expressway’s 100-day campaign to “remove hidden dangers and ensure safety” from June 25 to September 30. The Hunan Expressway Police Official Account announced on August 14 that from August 12th to 14th, Hunan Expressway Traffic Police carried out the second nationwide unified operation of summer night security inspections, publicity and prevention, further strengthening illegal investigations and rectification, and cracking down on easy-to-cause accidents and accidents. Traffic violations. Some traffic violations have been investigated, punished, and exposed. All drivers and friends are invited to take a lesson and do not follow suit.

Case number one

Illegal transportation of hundreds of fireworks and firecrackers

On the evening of August 13, when the police from the Liling Brigade of the Zhuzhou Detachment of the Gao Police Station routinely inspected a truck with the Gan C number plate at the Fenglin Toll Station of the Wushen Expressway, they found that the vehicle was full of fireworks and firecrackers, and the driver could not provide legal information. Shipping procedures. The driver Ou explained that the car was carrying more than 100 fireworks and firecrackers, and was going to be transported from Fenglin Town, Liling to Pingxiang, Jiangxi, without going through legal procedures. The police severely criticized and educated Ou, and punished him for illegally transporting fireworks and firecrackers according to law. Due to the illegal transportation of fireworks and firecrackers, Ou has been handed over to the local public security organ for further investigation and handling.

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Case 2

The third drunk driving fined 2,300 yuan and detained

At about 1 o’clock on August 14, the police from the Qiyang Brigade of the Yongzhou Detachment of the Gao Police Bureau were routinely inspecting a car with a Xiang H plate at the Dazhong Bridge toll station of the Quannan Expressway and found that the driver, Shen Mou, was drunk. After the breath alcohol content test, Shen’s blood alcohol content was 44mg/100ml, which met the drinking and driving standard. After investigation, Shen was investigated and punished twice for drinking and driving in July 2014 and September 2021, and his motor vehicle driving license has been revoked. This is the third time he has been investigated and punished for drinking and driving. The police severely criticized and educated Shen, and imposed a combined fine of 2,300 yuan for the two traffic violations of driving a motor vehicle after drinking again, driving a motorcycle, tractor, and operating a motor vehicle other than passenger-carrying while his driver’s license was revoked. administrative detention.

Case 3

Truck driver “manipulates” the number plate

At about 22:00 on August 13, the police of the Linxiang Brigade of the Yueyang Detachment of the Gao Police Bureau, when they routinely inspected a large truck with the Gan J number plate at the Linxiang Toll Station of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, found that the number plate of the vehicle was abnormal. After investigation, the front license plate of the car was altered by the driver Xu, who explained that in order to avoid the supervision of the traffic police department, the number plate was altered by luck. The police severely criticized and educated Xu, and imposed a fine of 5,000 yuan for the illegal use of the altered motor vehicle license plate of a commercial vehicle.

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Traffic police remind: Punishment is not the purpose, safety is the first, and traffic violations bring security risks. I hope all drivers and friends can take this as a warning, resist traffic violations, and travel safely and civilly.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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