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Hunter Biden Faces Potential Indictment on Weapons Charges, Justice Department Says

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Hunter Biden Faces Potential Indictment on Weapons Charges, Justice Department Says

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is facing the possibility of indictment on weapons charges before the end of September, according to the Justice Department. Special counsel David Weiss intends to request an indictment from a grand jury within the required time frame, as stipulated by the Speedy Trial Law. This comes after Hunter Biden’s previous plea agreement was rejected by a judge, leaving the future of the arms deal uncertain.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers are expected to submit their own documents by the end of Wednesday. The specific number of charges to be filed against him has not been revealed. Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, stated that the prior agreement he had reached prevents any additional charges from being brought against his client. Lowell expressed a desire for a fair resolution based on evidence and the law, rather than political pressure.

The weapon-related issues revolve around a firearm Hunter Biden purchased in October 2018. At the time of purchase, he lied on a federal form by stating that he did not use or have a drug addiction, despite battling a crack addiction. Lying on the form or possessing a firearm while being a drug user is a federal crime. Prosecutors have previously mentioned that the statute of limitations for some of these crimes will expire in October.

The investigation into Hunter Biden, led by David Weiss since late 2018, has explored potential tax evasion, illegal foreign lobbyists, money laundering, and other matters related to his international business dealings. The investigation appeared to be coming to a close in June when a deal was announced for Hunter Biden to plead guilty to federal prosecutorial misdemeanors and enter a diversion agreement. However, the deal fell through in a court hearing in July, leading to talks being renegotiated and Weiss being elevated to special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland in August.

In addition to the gun case, Weiss is also considering potential tax crime charges against Hunter Biden. The special counsel stated in a court brief last month that he is “now proceeding to trial” for tax crimes and that he may file tax charges in either California or Washington.

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Furthermore, House Republicans have formally requested documents from Hunter Biden’s lawyers in connection with the denied plea deal. This marks a development in the ongoing investigations by the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means committees into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The request includes communications between Weiss and other Justice Department officials, drafts of the proposed plea deal, and emails between Hunter Biden’s lawyers and media outlets such as The New York Times and Politico.

The committee chairs have given Hunter Biden’s lawyers until September 20 to respond to their request. Should they refuse to provide the requested information, a subpoena may be issued for Hunter Biden’s testimony regarding the disclosed documents and communications.

As the situation unfolds, the future holds the possibility of further legal proceedings and a potential trial for Hunter Biden.

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