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I grabbed between María Fernanda Carrascal and Katherine Miranda for labor reform

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I grabbed between María Fernanda Carrascal and Katherine Miranda for labor reform

The labor reform proposed by the Petro Government, and which returned to debate in the Congress of the Republic, pitted the speaker of the initiative, House Representative María Fernanda Carrascal, against Senator Katherine Miranda.

Miranda, from the Green Alliance party, said in an interview that he was concerned about the impact that this project could have on the country’s economy, but Congresswoman Carrascal, from the Historical Pact (Human Colombia), responded that they should “debate without lies.”

After the representative to the Chamber for the Historical Pact saw an interview that Miranda had with El Tiempo in which she was asked about the labor reform, and the legislator from the Alianza Verde party expressed that she was concerned about the impact it could have on small, medium-sized companies and enterprises that want to be legal. For this reason Carrascal replied: “Hey, @MirandaBogota. Let’s debate, but without lies or distortions. “The #LaborReformGoes!”

The publication by the congresswoman belonging to the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives, close to the national government, was accompanied by a video in which she presented her arguments, responding to Miranda’s words regarding the labor reform in the aforementioned interview.

In the video, Congresswoman María Fernanda Carrascal addressed a message to her colleague Katherine Miranda, highlighting the importance of leading by example to counteract lies. Carrascal recalled an episode from 2010, when Antanas Mockus, presidential candidate, faced a disinformation campaign that predicted a catastrophe if he were elected. Although Carrascal specified that she was not a follower of Mockus’ policies, she stressed the relevance and timeliness of her message in the face of misinformation practices.

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In the footage Carrascal continued saying that: “I believe, colleague, that in the debate on labor reform we have to appeal to that idea of ​​Mockus and debate with the truth, without sowing fear among Colombians by distorting the debate. What do I mean? My colleague said at the time that she is very concerned about the impact of the reform on small-medium companies and on enterprises that want to be legal, according to her, I read verbatim, if the value of what an employee costs you increases. By 30%, which is the study carried out by the Bank of the Republic, that increase can be assumed by a large company, but what is going to happen to a bakery, a hairdresser or a business?

In response to assertions about the supposed 30% increase in labor costs, María Fernanda Carrascal clarified that, according to the study by the Bank of the Republic, the estimated increase for small businesses would be 9% in a medium impact scenario. , while for medium and large companies the increase would be 6%.

Carrascal emphasized the importance of considering that not all economic sectors operate under the same conditions, nor do all workers work at night or on their rest days. Likewise, he refuted the aforementioned figures on job losses, between 400,000 and 700,000, which are attributed to the cost of labor rights.

Furthermore, in her response, the representative added that: “the modeling carried out in the Bank’s study does not contemplate that the increase in income generated for the beneficiaries with the reform can boost consumption, aggregate demand. And in this way the income of companies can also increase if you worker has more money in your pocket and is going to spend. And something else, this report is almost a year old, it does not take into account the number of discussions at hearing tables of agreements that have been reached. In fact, it does not even take into account the positive and majority presentation that we are discussing today in the Seventh Commission. ”. With Infobae

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