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I have absolute freedom for motion speech:Tamames

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I have absolute freedom for motion speech:Tamames

The politician and economist Ramón Tamames, Vox candidate for his vote of no confidence, has insisted that Santiago Abascal’s party has given him “absolute freedom” to write the speech that he will give from the rostrum of Congress, “without vetoing anything.”

Tamames has avoided giving clues about his intervention when he has been questioned if Abascal has asked him not to talk about feminism, abortion or the autonomous model, among other topics. Revealing what he will pronounce in Congress would be -he has alleged- “defrauding” Vox, the Spaniards and the 350 deputies who represent “national sovereignty”, although he wanted to emphasize: “Without vetoing anything”.

Even so, the candidate has pointed out in statements to TVE, collected by Europa Press, that what is essential is the “review” that he is going to give with his speech on the economic and social situation, as well as on Spain’s foreign relations, an issue that he is interested “a lot”. “And that is a very important function for me,” he highlighted.

In this sense, he has reiterated that Vox is not going to dictate his speech, which will be based on the “experience and wisdom” that he has been able to acquire throughout his life. “They have left me absolute freedom for what I say, it could not be less,” she stressed.

And he has ironized that the motion gathers enough votes to become president of the Government, assuring that he has “reasonable doubts.” “The stake is very big and the bookies would not have put it in the best situation,” he said.

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Tamames has commented that he continues to work “little by little” on his intervention, so that it is “beautiful, with a good sound”. It will address “non-compliance” and “even” will recognize “some things that may be “interesting and positive”, he pointed out, referring to the AVE, which has said that it was a “great project” of the socialist government of Felipe González, but has considered a ” shame” what happened with the errors in the measurements of the trains in Asturias and Cantabria.

He has defended that the motion of censure is something “normal” that the Constitution allows and has been grateful that the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Patxi López, has shown his respect for this mechanism. “I am glad, he has said it very well, 113 is a normal article of the Constitution that is to be applied normally”, he has claimed.

And he has rejected that with this motion, which Vox will register next Monday, it seems that there is a lot at stake, since in his opinion there is “nothing at all”, but only “clarity and transparency”.

In addition, he has indicated that he has not met nor does he plan to do so again with the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, after the meal they had weeks ago, before his name was raised for the motion of censure, but that if he calls him or they need to talk, he will do it “with complete peace of mind”, because he seems to him to be a “very notable” person who “is making a great effort for his party”, he added.

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