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I no vax to general practitioners: we want exemption otherwise we will report you

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The requests of those who aim for the certificate to avoid vaccination are increasing. They claim to undergo a slew of investigations and threaten legal action

UDINE. It is called the “anti-Covid vaccination exemption certificate” and is the shortcut that Friulians strenuously opposed to immunization against the coronavirus try to take to obtain the Green pass without going through the administration of vaccines.

There are those who have the right, unable to get vaccinated for reasons clearly attributable to their state of health.

And there are those who, having discovered the safe conduct developed by the Ministry of Health, try to cling to it, going so far as to threaten legal actions against general practitioners who refuse to prescribe the clinical tests that the applicants’ ideas should allow to be dispensed with. from the vaccine.

It happens all over Italy and Friuli is no exception. The confirmation comes from the regional secretary of the federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), Fernando Agrusti: “We have received dozens of requests of this kind, often accompanied by letters signed by lawyers who, with not too veiled threats of judicial consequences, demanded the prescription of laboratory tests’.

Requests that, in almost all cases, were rejected to the sender: «The tests are prescribed by the general practitioner or, at most, by a specialist. We cannot bow to a rather vulgar attempt at blackmail, which would also have an impact on public health accounts: if they want to undergo the investigations suggested by who knows who, they can freely pay for them ».

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The anti-vaccination strategy is clear: undergo tests and hope that some out-of-control value will allow access to the coveted exemption. Among the applicants, in Friuli, several operators of the social and health service.

The requests accompanied by the lawyer’s letter all have the same format: the same words, the same immense list of required tests (blood count, serological test, assessment of renal capacity), the same references to alleged legal troubles in case of refusal by of the doctor, the names of the lawyers who sign the letter are also recurrent. Yet the circulars published by the ministry between 4 and 5 August clearly indicate the requirements and procedures for obtaining the exemption.

“The anti Covid-19 vaccination exemption certification can be issued only in the event that the vaccination itself must be postponed or even not recommended due to the presence of specific documented clinical conditions that contraindicate its permanent or temporary administration”, reads . In those same circulars, reference is made to the reasons for exemption, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand: among these the hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or to any of the excipients of the vaccines used in Italy, or specific reactions triggered after the first dose.

As confirmed by the president of the Order of Doctors of Udine, Gian Luigi Tiberio, are authorized to issue the exemption “only the vaccinating doctors of the vaccination services of the health companies and the general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice who have joined the vaccination campaign, that is, they have the credentials to enter data in regional and national systems “.

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The doctors are thus forced to dribble the clumsy attempts of the no-vax. But there are also those who actually have the right to exemption: “In recent days, a young woman at risk of thrombotic episodes came to the clinic, with an opinion from a haematologist: I had no problems prescribing the required tests”, explains the provincial secretary of the Fimmg of Udine, Khalid Kussini.

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