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Ice and snow are “hot” New Year sports to celebrate the New Year-Xinhuanet

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Ice and snow are “hot” New Year sports to wish you a happy new year

Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, February 14th

Xinhua News Agency reporter

Like a ball of flames flying down the ski slopes, Zhao Boxheng, wearing a red ski suit, stood out on the ski resort. This ski enthusiast from Yakeshi City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia, chose to spend New Year’s Eve at the ski resort again this year.

“Skiing to welcome the New Year is a tradition I have persisted for more than 20 years,” said Zhao Bosheng, who is over 70 years old. “In the past, there were very few people at the ski resorts on New Year’s Eve. In the past two years, more and more people have chosen to go skiing during the Spring Festival to enjoy the fun. and health.”

On February 10, tourists watched a dragon dance performance in the Harbin Ice and Snow World Park (drone photo).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei

In the midst of the ice and snow, you can experience the warmth and blessings and complete the change of years. In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the land of China will be more joyful, peaceful and full of vitality due to ice and snow sports.

Ice and snow fun adds new joyful options

After lunch on the first day of the first lunar month, Zhao Lefan and his family went to Harbin Rexue Miracle Indoor Ski Resort. During the Spring Festival, ski resorts are bustling with activity. Whether they are beginners stumbling down the slopes or experts showing off difficult moves on snowboards, everyone is in full swing.

“Skiing is so enjoyable, and this kind of fun cannot be replaced by any game.” Zhao Lefan said.

In Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the Donghe Ice Rink during the Spring Festival has become a must-go “check-in” for local residents. A month ago, the mass competitions of the 14th National Winter Games were held here, and the ice rink was open to the public free of charge after the games. Nowadays, it has become a paradise for playing with ice and snow, with skating experience, small ice car, ice bicycle, snow circle… laughter echoes over the ice rink.

On February 1, children and their parents participated in the ice and snow parent-child fun games at the Donghe Ice Arena in Hohhot.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Zhipeng

Wang Hongwei, a Hohhot citizen, said that this year the children are clamoring to go skating and skiing. After playing for a whole day, the family has changed from “a table of mahjong” to “a family of snowjong” and everyone is having fun.

Most of the tourists who choose to spend the Spring Festival at the Jikpurin International Ski Resort in Altay, Xinjiang are “ice and snow eaters.” According to tourist Ren Xuanyuan, the family reunites to play their favorite sports during the Spring Festival. “Is there any happier Spring Festival than this? Oh, there is one more. If it snows and we can ‘make fans’ to welcome the New Year, then It’s the best New Year’s gift.”

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On February 11, villagers held a silver-picking competition on Wulastai Grassland in Gangou Township, Urumqi County.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Huhu

Ice and snowfields in the south are also overcrowded. The Jingtian Ice Sports Center in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province is located in a local shopping mall. From 5 pm to 9 pm every day, the training sessions of young figure skaters have become a sight in the mall.

Jin Yue, deputy general manager of Jingtian Ice Sports Center, said that the ice rink during the day is for the public to experience on the ice, and the evening is the training time for young figure skaters. “There are many people watching every day. Some people watched at first and then took their children to the ice rink.”

During the Spring Festival this year, the State Sports General Administration launched for the first time the national fitness New Year greeting event with the theme of “Sports New Year greetings, healthy New Year greetings”, selecting Anhui, Fujian, Jilin and other six places as the main venue, New Year Ice and Snow Carnival, Rural New Year Games, More than 4,000 mass events, including community New Year Carnivals, run throughout the Spring Festival, bringing new joy to the masses.

The whiteness of ice and snow creates a peaceful New Year atmosphere

Spring couplets at the door of the house, lanterns under the eaves, window grilles on the windows, red envelopes in shopping malls… In the past Spring Festival, everything was “Chinese red”. This year’s Spring Festival is a little different. More and more people are entering the world of ice and snow, celebrating the Spring Festival in the “whiteness of ice and snow” and feeling the peaceful flavor of the new year.

The competition venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics have become the “new favorite” during this Spring Festival.

On February 12, Taiwu Ski Town in Chongli was filled with lights during the Spring Festival.Photo provided by the interviewed unit

Located in the Olympic Park in Yanqing District, Beijing, funny New Year performances and lively dragon and lion dances are staged during the Spring Festival, turning the place into the “Spring Festival Gala Live”. The National Alpine Ski Center “Xue Feiyan” opened routes of different difficulty levels such as “Haituo Crossing”, “Rainbow Avenue” and “Caixia Avenue” during the Spring Festival, which were welcomed by ski enthusiasts.

The giant “Auspicious Dragon” landscape on the facade of the National Aquatics Center is particularly eye-catching and has become a “check-in” spot for tourists to take photos. The National Aquatics Center’s first comprehensive cultural, sports and tourism winter fun plaza – “ICE CUBE Waterfront Gathering Winter Carnival” “Bird’s Nest” Happy Ice and Snow Season, as a traditional ice and snow activity, has added a bit of creativity and surprise this year. The ice and snow activities with the theme of “Dragon, Dongqiang, Chinese Year” are festive and lively, and the aerospace-themed ice and snow park “Space Creation” “Ice and Snow Carnival” also made its debut…

This Spring Festival, more than 100,000 tourists came to Chongli, Hebei Province to celebrate the New Year. The “Ten Steps to One View” in the core area of ​​the Winter Olympics in Chongli is full of colorful scenes. Each ski resort continues to launch special activities such as “Wanlong New Year’s Eve Dinner”, “Genting Spring Festival Carnival” and “Galaxy Exclusive Lantern Festival Event”. Let the majority of tourists experience the joy of ice and snow while also feeling the strong flavor of the New Year in a foreign country.

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In addition to the Winter Olympics venues, ice and snow sports and the festive atmosphere are so closely integrated during this Spring Festival.

On February 3, the torch relay event for the 14th National Winter Games was held in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Xi Rihu)
On the fourth day of the first lunar month, Ms. Liu’s family of four from Guangdong got on a plane to Hulunbuir early in the morning. As the countdown to the opening of the “14th Winter” begins, the ice and snow sports atmosphere in Hulunbuir City becomes more intense. The mascots “Anda” and “Sainu” together with the Year of the Dragon decorations dress up the streets and alleys of the city. Ice and Snow Carnival, Community Ice and Snow Games, National Ice and Snow Games, etc. Public ice and snow activities such as the Ice and Snow Festival will last until the end of February, creating an atmosphere of “experience every day and competition every week.”

“Eating dumplings!” On New Year’s Eve, many ice and snow parks, including Harbin Ice and Snow World, tacitly prepared steaming dumplings for tourists. Eating dumplings, giving out red envelopes, and giving away New Year gifts are all the traditions of the New Year in the world of ice and snow.

Sports fields lead healthy new customs

As the achievements of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” continue to be consolidated and expanded, and the ice and snow sports strategy of “expanding south, expanding west, and heading east” is implemented in depth, ice and snow sports continue to heat up across the country. Sports and healthy New Year are becoming the latest “Spring Festival”. Open method”.

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Qu Song, Operations Director of Xinjiang Jike Pulin Ice and Snow Tourism Co., Ltd., found that celebrating the New Year through skiing has become a new choice for many young Chinese generations. Many “second-generation snowers” and even “third-generation snowers” have already set foot on the snow trails to participate in ice and snow sports. The group is growing rapidly.

“The Beijing Winter Olympics has enlightened and popularized ice and snow sports across the country, and the legacy of the Winter Olympics will help the development of domestic ice and snow sports in the long term.” said Bai Yufei, a professor at Beijing Sport University.

During the Spring Festival, ice and snow sports are not the only ones that stand out. A variety of sports activities are enough to meet the needs of different people. When the family is reunited, the athletes are still sprinting and fighting on the field. The Chinese women’s basketball team qualified for the Paris Olympics at home; at the World Swimming Championships, Chinese athletes won gold and silver and broke world records; the national table tennis team went to the Busan World Championships to defend the honor of “national sports” To go.

Sports are always indispensable to add luster to the Spring Festival. Baduanjin appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, causing many young people who practice Health Qigong to call the director team “knowledgeable”; the movie “Hot and Spicy” continued to “dominate” the hot search list during the Spring Festival, showing that exercise can bring unforgettable positive changes to people. Sports are becoming more and more penetrating and influential in daily life.

Night view of the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center, the main venue of the “Fourteenth Winter”.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Kaiyan

In 2022, the Spring Festival will coincide with the Beijing Winter Olympics; in 2024, the Spring Festival will cordially embrace the 14th National Winter Games. On February 17, the curtain of the “Fourteenth Winter” is about to begin. The New Year festival and sports events complement each other, and a festive atmosphere is gathering on the field.

As the first comprehensive national winter sports event held after the Beijing Winter Olympics, the “14th Winter” will not only be a competitive display for high-level athletes, but also another window for the masses to understand and fall in love with ice and snow sports.

The yearning for health, the pursuit of sports, and the challenge of extremes not only light up this Spring Festival, but also shine in every ordinary day, inspiring people to stride forward and injecting vitality into the construction of a sports power and a healthy China. vitality. (Reporters Zhang Yunlong, Wang Chunyan, Wei Jingyu, Wang Hengzhi, Wang Junbao, Li Chunyu, Ma Kai, Yang Fan)

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