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Ice and snow knowledge enters campus ① | Learn about “chess” on ice together – News Center – Inner Mongolia News Network

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“Ice and Snow Knowledge Enters Campus” series of live broadcast events at 15:20 on December 8

Entering the first scene

Xilin South Road Primary School Branch, Saihan District, Hohhot City

Interacting with students from class 4 (8)

Learn about curling together

Inner Mongolia has unique advantages in ice and snow sports. In recent years, Inner Mongolia has actively promoted the “Millions of Youth Going to Ice and Snow” and “Campus Ice and Snow” programs, and extensively carried out youth ice and snow event competitions and sunshine ice and snow activities to cultivate and improve youth ice and snow sports skills. Up to now, ice and snow sports have entered more than 300 schools in the region, and more than 200,000 Inner Mongolian teenagers participate in ice and snow sports.

As the countdown to the 14th National Winter Games enters, ice and snow sports have set off a craze in Inner Mongolia. In order to let more young people understand the knowledge of ice and snow sports and fall in love with ice and snow sports, Inner Mongolia Daily Grassland All Media launched a series of live broadcast activities “Ice and Snow Knowledge Enters the Campus”, which went to many primary and secondary schools to popularize ice and snow knowledge.


Curling, also known as curling and ice skating, is a throwing competition played on the ice by teams. It is known as the “chess” on the ice. It tests the participants’ ability. Physical and mental strength, showing the beauty of movement and stillness, and the wisdom of choice, are among the events of the Winter Olympics.

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Curling originated in Scotland in the 14th century

In 1795, the first curling club was founded in Scotland. Curling was included in the first Winter Olympics as a performance event in 1924, and was introduced to Asia in 1955.

The Chinese curling organization is the Chinese Curling Association, which was established on October 12, 2004.

ice brush

The ice track in the curling competition is about 45 meters long. Because the smooth ice surface cannot produce large friction on the curling stone, its ice surface is different from the ice surface in figure skating and short track speed skating.

Before the race begins, specialized personnel will spray water to form ice on the track to increase friction. Players can melt the ice ballast by wiping the ice, thereby changing the friction between the curling stone and the ice surface, and adjusting the direction of the curling stone. This is why other teammates need to keep brushing the ice after the player throws the curling stone.


The standard whetstone used in the competition is hewn from Scottish granite without mica. The diameter of the whetstone is 29 cm, the thickness is 11.5 cm, and the weight is 19 kg.

More facts about curling

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