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ICETEX opens call for scholarships for master’s degrees in Europe with ESCP Business School – news

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ICETEX opens call for scholarships for master’s degrees in Europe with ESCP Business School – news

“Every elderly man and woman over 80 years of age without a pension will receive a pension from the Colombian government,” announced President Gustavo Petro Urrego when speaking at the National Congress of Municipalities 2024, held in Cartagena.

“We are going to start this program, even without the law, for people over 80 years of age, because the resources are enough for us up to that point. We would like to lower the starting age to 75 or 72 years, but we do not have enough money if the pension reform is not carried out,” said the head of state.

The president indicated that, however, with the help of local leaders, the program could be deepened so that “at least the elderly of 78 or 79 years old can also receive the pension bonus.”

“It is a proposal to do it with the FONPET (National Pension Fund of Territorial Entities), if we agree, because the FONPET resources are yours, kept in a coffer of the national government by virtue of the rules and laws ”, he stressed.

“It is a point for you to discuss, focusing on hunger, early childhood and the elderly,” President Petro told the country’s mayors.

Pension reform

The Head of State emphasized that the government’s objective is not to have handouts but rather a citizen’s income, focused on people who cannot or should not work, such as children and the elderly, “who walk the streets, million, selling Bon Ice, trying to survive, because they don’t even have enough for a bowl of soup.”

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“When we proposed the pension reform, that is the objective of that reform, which has been in the Congress of the Republic for a year, as if it were a sin: that, instead of the resource flowing to the banker, it flows so that the old and the old woman can have a bowl of soup,” he said.

He explained that the pillar system proposed in the pension reform seeks to stop the State from financing current pensioners, because these would be financed by current contributors, who today give the money to the bankers, and the bankers take it out of the country.

According to President Petro, half of the pension contributors’ money is outside Colombia, helping other economic systems, but not the country.

“If we change that system, the resources that the government would stop subsidizing current pensioners, because their pensions would already be funded, would go to the old men and women who today do not have a pension,” he highlighted.

Reversing the public investment pyramid

President Petro proposed an alliance between the municipalities and the Nation to advance now in the construction of the preventive health model and in drinking water projects to improve the material conditions of existence of the most vulnerable population.

He indicated that for this it is necessary to reverse the pyramid of public investment that, for some time now, has prioritized large dual carriageway projects, to enhance the properties of the richest, or subsidies to the extractive economy, which destroy nature and stimulate the climate crisis.

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“I invited them to invert the pyramid. What is the first thing we have to invest in? In the people. In the material conditions of existence: health, drinking water, education,” said the President of the Republic.

Support for older adults will be increased

During the National Congress of Municipalities, the Government of Change announced that the current support received by grandparents over 80 years of age, enrolled in the Senior Adult program, will be increased.

These people will go from receiving 80 thousand pesos to 225 thousand pesos per month, a significant step that contributes to dignifying their lives. The increase will take place starting with cycle five of this year.

SuperGiros is the operator in charge of paying this support in all municipalities of the country. It has an allied network, which has more than 27 thousand points.

The increase in the value of the monetary transfer of the Colombia Mayor program is the result of an articulated work between Social Prosperity, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor, National Department of Planning and Colpensiones.

Source: Presidency of the Republic

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