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Icsa celebrated its first 50 years with new ideas and many projects

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Icsa celebrated its first 50 years with new ideas and many projects

The San Benigno plant opened its doors With Cnos fap an agreement to train bearing technicians


There are two important dates and a single vision, to mark the development of the ICSA di San Benigno Canavese, a world leader in the production of spherical roller bearings: in fact, after the centenary of the NTN Group, celebrated in 2018, last Saturday the San Benigno Canavese plant celebrated its 50th anniversary since its foundation in 1972.

Several guests were present with the employees and families, including the top management of Confindustria Canavese, the Anmil (National Association for the mutilated and disabled at work, with which Icsa collaborates for initiatives to raise awareness of safety in the workplace) and the management of Cnos fap (National Center for Salesian Work – training and professional updating), with which the company of San Benigno has recently signed an important memorandum of understanding for the training of personnel in the technical field. «Experience and knowledge are the basis of the technological and digital development of our company. This is why, with the Cnos of San Benigno we have created Proftec (Professional training program for bearing technicians) – explains the director of human resources, Massimo Rama -. Transformation that has led the group to invest around 10 million euros since 2018, allowing our company to become a reference for the strategy of the Ntn Group “.

The approximately 700 people who accepted the company’s invitation began the morning with the part dedicated to getting to know the company, through guided tours in small groups.

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Some led by the top management, starting with the general manager Raphael Demory, followed by the meeting with the new president of Confindustria Canavese Paolo Conta. They were speeches marked by optimism: «Producing technologies that will improve the world for present and future generations, preserving our planet and bringing technological and innovative solutions: this creates the Nameraka world (harmonious) – said Demory -. Ntn-Snr Corporation is a large company made up of women and men who, through their energy, competence and passion, keep it going. This is an opportunity to celebrate the employees, the past and the present of this pioneering company, to remember the values ​​they have built and which represent 100 years of innovation for the group ».

Rama underlined the positive results achieved one year after the signing of the memorandum of understanding with the Cnos-fap: «The objective of the synergy is the integration between business and educational institutions and to increase the possibility of access for students to the world of work. The two companies have joined forces for an integrated collaboration aimed at professional training in the mechanical and industrial automation fields. Collaboration that derives from the widespread difficulty in seeking technical skills in the manufacturing sector and which will allow, also thanks to the availability of the San Benigno institute, to proactively direct the choices of young people in the area ». –

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