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Ideam announces orange alert in the Caribbean due to strong winds

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Ideam announces orange alert in the Caribbean due to strong winds

Through one of its most recent reports, the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam) announced that there is an orange alert in the Colombian Caribbean due to the presence of strong winds. The entity, as a recommendation, asked the community to keep an eye on developments in the area.

As reported by the institute, the winds reach a speed of 55 kilometers per hour. Likewise, he stressed that the waves that occur in the Caribbean Sea can reach a height of up to three meters, which would make it difficult and prevent fishing or sports activities. Parallel to this, it is recalled that on the beaches of Puerto Colombia and surrounding areas there is a red flag for bathers.

According to the report delivered by Ideam on the morning of this January 24, the only hydrological alert that is active in the country is that of the Caribbean. “High levels with a tendency to decrease registered in Bajo San Jorge and the system of swamps and associated pipes. However, in the south of Bolívar, the entrance of the Cauca River persists through the Cara de Gato sector,” confirmed Ideam through its social networks.

A similar situation was experienced at the end of December 2022, when winds of up to 60 kilometers per hour and waves of three meters caused the same alert to be declared in that area of ​​the country.

“When the Dimar (General Maritime and Port Directorate) identifies that there are winds above 70 kilometers per hour, we order the suspension of high-board maritime activities and at the same time we inform smaller boats, recreation boats and bathers of the condition that is He is going to present it because these winds generate waves of three and up to three and a half meters high”, commented, at the time, the captain of Puerto de la Dimar, in Barranquilla, Jesús Zambrano, in a talk with the local newspaper El Heraldo.

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“Small boats that do fishing and recreational boats would have their navigation restricted, taking into account that this can create a risk to the safety of people, but at this time there are no restrictions,” he added.

The announcement of the orange alert is made at the same time as the one that indicates that the Phenomenon of the girl would be active during the first quarter of this year. From January to March, says the Ideam, there will be rainfall above 20 and 30%, especially in Arauca, Casanare, Meta and Vichada.

January stands out in the report because it is “one of the months that makes up the least rainy season of the year, in a large part of the country: on the Andean region, the eastern Caribbean region and the Orinoquía.” “In the Pacific region, abundant rains persist and tend to be slightly higher than in February. The Colombian Amazon and Orinoquía present a gradual increase in volumes, from south to north”, adds the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies.

By May, it was noted, the rains would begin to diminish. “It is probable that for the February-April quarter a transition to neutral conditions will be observed, which could be established during the March-May quarter with a probability of 82%,” meteorologist Daniel Useche told La República newspaper.

“We are going to have a complex situation, we are going until June. We have been accompanying all the municipalities and departments, and within the framework of decree 2113, where the situation of natural disaster was declared, we have been assigning a series of resources for a strategic station in terms of the general response service, economic reactivation and everything the issue of the road emergency,” said Javier Parra, director of the National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD). with Infobae

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