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If you long for success, hurry up

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If you long for success, hurry up

“If we compare ourselves to what we should be, we are only half awake. The fire in our fireplaces has become damp, the flue is blocked and we only use a small part of our mental and physical resources.”
William James

Even though success is present in every person’s life. It is important to keep in mind that every activity we carry out leads to a result, and if this is what you hoped to achieve, success is achieved; Otherwise, it fails. And success has a formula and is a cycle, topics that I will address in future writings, but many cling to this one as if it were a spell.

Og Magdino, in the book The University of successinvites in lesson 6.- CHow to accept the challenge of success for us to take on the challenge of launching ourselves into the search for success, moving towards maturity, overcoming the fear that inhibits most people who choose to retreat towards security and tranquility. And, as William James describes in the epigraph, humans keep 95% of our potential asleep, and a large crowd seems like something more than a walking vegetable.

It is time to wake up, to awaken That Something that lies in our souls and moves us with enthusiasm, self-confidence, self-love, forgiving the mistakes that lead us to success and persevering towards what we long for. It is time to evaluate how we are using the talents that The Creator gave us at birth. Have you identified your talents and are you using them productively? God asks you to account through me. Did you multiply the five or two talents you received? Or were you lazy and/or fearful and buried the only talent you received?

If you long for success, you cannot stay in your comfort zone, we must expand your zone of well-being and we must do it right now, without delay; so hurry up. But first, seriously reflect on each of the following questions that Keith DeGreen addresses in his book Creating an environment of successcited by Og Magdino in the lesson mentioned above:

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Do you really think you were put here to fail? Is there anything wrong with being rich? Do they have to go through hell to get to heaven? Isn’t just being here all the authorization you need? Who will control your life? Was he destined to be guided? Do you prefer mediocrity? Do you accept responsibility for yourself? Will it impede your own success? Do you have the impression that you deserve success? Will you wait for the world to come to you? Will he act now?

How did this self-analysis go? Haven’t you done it? Stop reading and do it.

Ready, evaluate yourself again on each of these 12 questions, and now consider the following notes on each of these:

You have talents that God gave you. How much are you using them? Poverty is a story created as a path that leads to salvation, which annihilates the healthy desire to deserve the wealth provided by God everywhere. You deserve to be rich. The philosophy that proclaims that to be happy you must first suffer is an incongruity. Happiness is a choice, and every day we choose hell or heaven according to our decisions and actions. No one is going to push us towards success, this is a personal decision, and within us we have all the equipment for it. Strengthens the five cardinal virtues that lead to success, health and happiness. No one can do for another person what they can do for themselves. We are the creators of our own reality. When we let someone control our lives, we do not live according to our desires but based on the designs of others. Let’s avoid a life of a processionary caterpillar. Dare to fly like a Juan Salvador Seagull. Whatever a person’s mind can conceive and believe, it will be able to achieve. Thanks to this, man has managed to fly, go down to the depths of the sea, leave the planet, among so many challenges that he has overcome. You can make your deepest dreams come true. We are the captains of our own lives. Each one of us defines the port where we wish to arrive, but the path must overcome the tides, the wind and the storms of the high seas. Humility shows us that we can always do things better, recognize that we can learn new topics and never abandon the path of excellence. If we have failed, we can always start again. And if we achieve what we seek, there is always the possibility of a superior result. Excellence is a path, not a destination. Success is not defined the same for each person, it is measured in relation to personal aspirations. The desires of a Wayuu indigenous person are different from those of a capital tycoon. Do not feel inferior or superior to others because of what you have achieved, everything is in relation to your goals. You cannot spend your entire life waiting for a magnificent opportunity, we must dare to create that opportunity. Preparation is achieved by acquiring knowledge with eagerness and humility, which enables you to see opportunities everywhere. Most people always wait for the perfect moment to act. Many times perfect conditions do not exist, but we can overcome them with intelligence and love so that they can be generated. It is better to try to succeed and fail than to try to do nothing and hope to succeed.

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Ready? Did this self-evaluation help you? Now is the time to act. If you want to succeed, hurry up and apply the following attributes:



consistent work







Hurry up to achieve the success you long for, in this way we will be contributing to the construction of a better world.

By Eng. Carlos Rafael Melo Freyle

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