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Ifab approves the blue card

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Ifab approves the blue card

The new measure seeks to punish tactical fouls and excessive complaints against referees, following the hockey model.

According to The Telegraph, the International Football Association Board (Ifab), the organization in charge of defining the rules of football, approved the entry of the blue card after months of analysis on the viability of including a third card in the referees’ deck. .

According to the English media, the Ifab “approved what would be the first new card to be used in sport since the arrival of the yellow and red cards in the 1970 World Cup.”

The revolutionary measure will be announced as part of a new protocol designed to sanction tactical fouls and complaints that cross the limit of respect for the referee.

When a player receives the blue card, this new rule will require him to spend time off the playing field, isolated from any action, similar to what happens in hockey. After serving the sanction, he will be able to enter and continue playing.

According to The Telegraph, the Football Association of Wales (FAW) had already proposed this initiative previously, although it was not approved in the first instance.

“The new protocol announced on Friday will limit the new card to fouls that prevent a promising attack and dissent, in addition to confirming that a player must receive a red card if he receives two blue cards during a match or a combination of yellow and blue,” the English medium explained.

Following usual practice with previous regulations, this measure will first undergo a trial period in minor leagues and youth tournaments before being implemented in the field of professional football.

The English Federation (FA) is interested in lending some of its competitions, including the women’s and men’s FA Cup, to carry out the respective tests with the blue card when it is decided to start this new era in terms of sanctions.

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“We have identified the bad behavior of the players as a serious problem for football. “We are examining what we can do by changing the rules of the game,” Ifab member Lukas Brud said in November last year.

On that occasion, Brud shared the details about the scheduled expulsions, which will now be identified with the blue card. «A scheduled expulsion could be a more effective deterrent than a simple warning. “There is also great interest from various stakeholders in the idea that only the captain is authorized to properly engage in dialogue with the referee,” Brud pointed out.

“Players who approach aggressively can no longer be tolerated. “We have also witnessed several occasions in which a group of players surrounded the referee to prevent him from moving away from his protesting teammate,” he added in statements reported by The Times.

Now we just have to wait for Ifab to rule on the matter and explain how this new measure will be introduced. According to international media reports, the announcement is scheduled for this Friday and will be accompanied by a technical protocol for referees worldwide.

After the introduction of VAR, this represents the most significant change that Ifab will implement in recent years.

It is important to remember that the blue card already has a presence in sports such as indoor soccer, especially popular in Colombia, although with a different meaning. In this context, when a player receives a blue card, he is forced to be replaced by another player on the bench and cannot return until the next game.

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