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ILO calls for pension reform

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ILO calls for pension reform

The Social Security Specialist of the ILO Office for the Andean countries, Pablo Casali, presented a report from this organization that offers guidelines for the creation of a model that responds to the needs for greater coverage, quality social benefits and which constitutes a useful instrument to contextualize the debate on the pension reform that is being processed in the Congress of the Republic.

The ILO report was presented within the framework of the International Forum for the Transformation of Work: A look from the academy, organized by the Ministry of Labor, the National University and the ILO, which analyzes the compatibility between the principles and orientations of the Convention 102, related to the minimum norms of social security and coverage standards that, in the case of Colombia, complies for most of the branches present in the norm, but others, which would merit a discussion to improve them: “for example, in the field of protection for old age, increased coverage and better benefits, would help to guarantee a dignified life for all older adults Colombians”, explained the ILO specialist.

“The agreement requires minimum parameters such as, beyond 30 years, the 1,300 weeks or 1,150 required by the two pension schemes in Colombia, the Individual Savings with Solidarity (RAIS) and the Media Premium Regime (RPM) They must take into account the situation of workers who have not had the opportunity to complete their employment histories with quality social security contributions, but that this competition is detrimental to the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the pension system”.

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He assured that the discussions in the Congress of the Republic to incorporate this type of solution are welcome: “Any initiative that gives response to these needs is for the good of the system, which must guarantee broad coverage, hopefully universal, but we should not be left alone with that, but rather demand quality services”, he pointed out.


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