Home News Implement fire protection responsibilities to prevent safety risks-Xiuzhou Middle School launches fire emergency evacuation and escape drills in the fall semester of 2021

Implement fire protection responsibilities to prevent safety risks-Xiuzhou Middle School launches fire emergency evacuation and escape drills in the fall semester of 2021

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Implement fire protection responsibilities to prevent safety risks-Xiuzhou Middle School launches fire emergency evacuation and escape drills in the fall semester of 2021

Release date: 2021-11-23 14:18

Source of information: Municipal Education Bureau


In order to strengthen the safety awareness of teachers and students and actively build a safe campus, on November 15th, Xiuzhou Middle School in Jiaxing City organized an escape drill with the theme of “Implementing Fire Fighting Responsibilities to Prevent Safety Risks”. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the exercise, under the guidance of the principal’s office, the “Jiaxing Xiuzhou Middle School Fire Emergency Evacuation Exercise Plan for the Fall Semester of 2021” was formulated. Mode, training students’ ability to evacuate and escape in narrow confined spaces. Because this exercise was the first time that the students at school simulated the danger in the dormitory, and the students were relatively unfamiliar with the evacuation route, some problems were exposed during the whole exercise. For example, teachers and students have inconsistent understanding of command signals, their attitudes toward drills are not serious enough, and the school’s signal system needs to be improved. From the perspective of the overall exercise, the small groups of exercises are clearly defined and organized. It guarantees the safety of the lives and property of teachers and students, and reflects the ability to deal with dangerous situations quickly and orderly.

This emergency evacuation drill received strong support from relevant departments and gave helpful guidance. For example, the Economic Development Zone Fire Brigade was invited to send rescue vehicles to patrol the campus to provide guidance on areas with high potential for fire safety hazards.

School safety is related to the lives of teachers and students, the national economy and the people’s livelihood, and social stability. Jiaxing Xiuzhou Middle School attaches great importance to details, assigns personnel and posts to potential safety hazards, and implements responsibilities. The “Complete Handbook of Safety Management System for Xiuzhou Middle School in Jiaxing City” was compiled and printed, covering all the details of fire safety hazards.

The school implements the responsibility system, signs the “Fire Safety Responsibility Letter” at the beginning of the school, implements investigation and remediation, and eliminates hidden fire hazards. Since the first safety inspection on the eve of school start on August 20, the school has carried out 13 fire safety inspections. Invite professionals from the fire brigade of the Economic Development Zone to conduct inspection and guidance on fire protection facilities. According to the safety center’s comprehensive investigation of all fire-fighting facilities in nearly 735 fire-fighting facilities in 17 buildings on the campus, the school safety management center wrote the “Self-inspection Report on Fire-fighting Facilities of Xiuzhou Middle School in Jiaxing City.”

School safety management adheres to the idea of ​​”combination of prevention and education” and combines the propaganda of preventing safety accidents with the management of student moral education. The specific performance is: organically integrate safety management with the fundamental task of Lide Shuren, and use fire safety education as an opportunity to cultivate students’ sense of life and responsibility.

Insist on infiltrating safety publicity and education into daily moral education management. At the beginning of semester, the school held a special work meeting for fire protection posts with the theme of “Implementing Fire Responsibilities and Preventing Safety Risks”, and conducted special fire protection training for security guards and life instructors. Through the form of conference presentations, all school leaders, relevant department heads, life teachers, security personnel, restaurant supervisors, etc. received a baptism of safety education.

“Be prepared for danger in times of peace, think and be prepared, and be prepared.” The safety management of Jiaxing Xiuzhou Middle School is based on the original intention of “adding color to Jiaxing and escorting the development of Xiuzhong”, and attaches great importance to fire safety work, from responsibility system to supervision and implementation. From investigation of hidden dangers to centralized rectification, from publicity and education to emergency drills, the school adheres to the bottom line thinking and weaves a dense campus safety net.

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