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Imports in Risaralda and Pereira registered a drop

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Imports in Risaralda and Pereira registered a drop

According to the import declarations registered with the DIAN in January 2023, imports into Colombia were US$5,529.7 million, equivalent to a decrease of 8.6% in relation to the same month of 2022. This behavior was mainly due to the decrease of 18.1% in the Manufactures group.

In the case of Risaralda, the downward behavior was also evidenced in the 21.3% drop in purchases abroad in the first month of the year, going from US$70 million to US$55 million. In the Coffee Region, the department of Quindío registered a negative variation of -$40.1, and Caldas of -32%, equivalent to imports of US$8 million and US$37 million, respectively.

Pereira, in turn, registered a variation of -40%, going from paying for imports in January 2022 a total of US$19 million, to US$11 million this year.

In January 2023 compared to January 2022, the largest contributions were made by purchases originating from China (-33.0%) and France (-62.3%), contributing together negative 12.0 percentage points to the total variation for the month (-8.6%). Imports from the United States grew (14.4%).

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