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Improves outlook for direct sales business

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Direct selling is a business model that allows the exchange of products and/or services from person to person. It allows the revitalization of the family economy throughout the world and even serves as the main income for thousands of women in the country.

According to figures from the Colombian Association of Direct Sales (Acovedi), In Colombia, this sector grew by 14.5% in 2021, reporting more than $6 billion in sales, which refer to 2,446,500 Colombians related to this industry. The items that have been sold the most through direct sales in the country are cosmetics and personal care, with 38.82% of total sales.

Likewise, according to the Acovedi report, women engaged in this activity represent 83.83% of the market.

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“Since our beginnings we have promoted the participation of women in the market, not only as consumers of beauty products but also as entrepreneurs and income generators, which also emphasizes the importance of gender equality and opportunities. Something for which we continue to fight through various fronts and action plans,” he said. María Adelaida Saldarriaga, general manager of Avon Colofood

Some of the challenges that direct sales may face this year may be marked by the growing use of social networks as a sales platform, the continuous digitization of markets and the revitalization of these processes.

However, these challenges also represent opportunities for all the people who work in this direct sales business, where there are more and more players and competitors in the market, more proposals and a greater diversity of products or services. Although it is important to know what type of business you are getting involved in, it is also important to know the risks, possibilities of income, whether or not it is monitored by the country’s regulatory entities, and not to be fooled by the supposed “miracle businesses” in which it usually falls nowadays.

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