Home News In 17 thousand, 200 professorships still vacant return to class

In 17 thousand, 200 professorships still vacant return to class

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In 17 thousand, 200 professorships still vacant return to class

However, the work on the assignments should be completed by Thursday Caveri: “It is increasingly difficult to keep mountain schools open”


Ceremony for the beginning of the school year on Monday in Emarèse and Châtillon. The choice of the Region to inaugurate the year in Emarèse was desired on the occasion of the reopening of the primary school in the small town after twenty-five years. A symbol of resilience and restart for small mountain schools. 2,200 teachers and nearly 17,000 pupils have resumed schooling. Of the latter 2,519 in kindergarten, 5,048 in primary school, 3,565 in lower secondary school and 5,827 in upper secondary school.

Mountain schools

«We need policies to support mountain schools – said in his speech the regional councilor for education Luciano Caveri, during the inauguration -. Today, maintaining mountain schools is not easy and we need policies to bring people back to the mountains or to ensure that they do not choose to leave. The presence or absence of the school service, at least at the first levels, is fundamental ».

The digital

“With this in mind, we are preparing to allocate half a million euros for the digital sector – continued Councilor Caveri – because after the dark parenthesis of Dad’s obligation to combat the pandemic, digitization can be a positive element for mountain schools ».

In his speech Luciano Caveri then recalled Joseph-Marie Tréves, founder of La Jeune Vallée d’Aoste, defined as a cornerstone of the young people of Valle d’Aosta to counter fascism, also in defense of village schools.

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The inauguration of the school year takes place between Emarèse and Châtillon, at the Don Bosco institute: «Professional training is important – said Caveri – because we have many industries and businesses that are looking for technical personnel. Don Bosco’s example has been an interesting experience for many decades ”.

With respect to the assignment of vacant chairs (about 200 out of 600) “the offices are working hard and will be completed between now and Thursday, we hope that there are no further obstacles or errors” said Caveri.

Vacant chairs

On the delays in assigning professorships in recent days, the social forces had risen on the barricades without sparing criticism of the system. And on the subject, the initiative filed for the next Valle Council by the Progressive Civic Project group should also be noted: “The quality public school is a constitutional right: for a more just society, everyone must have the same opportunities for access to school and knowledge. . We must respect the timing of the rankings and recruitment, the training offer and the service of the families are at stake ”, wrote Erika Guichardaz and Chiara Minelli of Progetto civico progressista in a note in relation to the delays in the assignment of substitutes. –

Amelio Ambrosi

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