Home News In 2022, the general college entrance examination in Fujian Province will open 19,200 candidates in Xiamen to take the test_News Center_Xiamen Net

In 2022, the general college entrance examination in Fujian Province will open 19,200 candidates in Xiamen to take the test_News Center_Xiamen Net

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In 2022, the general college entrance examination in Fujian Province will open 19,200 candidates in Xiamen to take the test_News Center_Xiamen Net

The head teachers of Xiamen No. 6 Middle School cheered for the students.Photo courtesy of the school

Parents dressed in red to cheer on the candidates.Photo by reporter Tang Guangfeng

Xiamen Net News (Haixi Morning News reporter Xu Weihan, Lin Xiayue, Chen Xiaoqing, Zhang Xiaofei, Wang Xiaoping and Lin Yanping) in red dress and red clothes, wishing “the flag will be successful”; holding up sunflowers, meaning “winner in one fell swoop”… During the annual college entrance examination, parents and teachers sent the test in a fancy way.

Yesterday, the general college entrance examination in Fujian Province opened in 2022, and 19,200 candidates in Xiamen took the test. This year, Xiamen has set up 6 test areas and 22 test centers. For the first time, all college candidates are required to provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before the test when they take the first test. According to the report of the Provincial Department of Education, in addition to the standardized test room settings, test centers in the province also have temperature detection channels, special channels for epidemic prevention, isolation medical observation places, and spare test centers, isolation test centers, and epidemic prevention materials.

 Shuangshi Middle School Fanghu Campus

There is no end to the exhortations and blessings

At 7 o’clock yesterday, Ms. Yu specially wore a cheongsam and rushed to the Fanghu campus of Shuangshi Middle School from Zhongshan Road, quietly waiting for her son who had an appointment to meet. After seeing her son, Ms. Yu gently advised: “Don’t eat too much, it’s easy to get sleepy.” “If it is too hot at noon, you will sweat, change clothes, and you will feel refreshed.”

“Today is the first day of the college entrance examination. After more than ten years of hard work, the candidates in the city will be tested today. I wish all the candidates the title of the golden list and high school in one fell swoop!” Afterwards, many parents took pictures at the school gate and sent their best wishes to their children.

Xiamen No. 1 Middle School

Parents wear red clothes to send their children to the exam

At about 7:30 yesterday, the rain brought coolness. At the entrance of Xiamen No. 1 Middle School, many parents wore eye-catching red cheongsams or T-shirts with the words “full marks”, “must pass every exam” and “Golden List title” to send their children to take the exam.

Candidate Xiao Shi’s parents told their children: “The result is not important, just try your best.” According to them, the mutual encouragement and encouragement between classmates made Xiao Shi relax a lot. “The child didn’t watch the review materials all the time yesterday, and occasionally surfed the video. It seems to be in good shape, and we are also very confident.”

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“Uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, let’s have some tea!” In the rain, the juniors and seniors of Xiamen No. 1 Middle School and Senior Two were in groups of two, one holding an umbrella and the other holding a plate, for the staff, volunteers and parents who maintained order. Serve with cups of hot tea.

 Xiang’an Campus of Science and Technology Middle School

The teacher sends a warm and touching hug

“One-third of the candidates in our school are day students, and most of them are boarding students.” At about 7 o’clock yesterday, at the entrance of the test center of the Xiang’an Campus (South) of Xiamen Science and Technology Middle School, Chen Aihua, director of the Moral Education Office of Xiamen Science and Technology Middle School, and Duan Long of the third year of high school Zhu Honghu greeted the candidates at the door with a simple cheer and a simple thumbs up gesture, which gave the candidates more confidence.

“Secondary year 20, the college entrance examination will win! Yay!” At 8 o’clock yesterday, in the waiting room of the senior three (20) class, the head teacher Heng Yi led 53 candidates to do the final mobilization and encouragement. The candidates walked out of the classroom with sunflowers, which meant “winning the championship in one fell swoop”, and started the pre-security check. In the corridor near the test center, more than a dozen Chinese teachers and head teachers in the third year of high school wore red “full score” T-shirts and sent candidates outside the test room. The candidates slowly passed through the human-shaped arch surrounded by the teacher. Some candidates touched the sunflowers, some high-fives with the teacher, and many candidates hugged affectionately with the teacher. The picture is both warm and touching.

  Guankou Middle School

Accompanying granddaughter to take the exam, grandfather is confident

At about 8 o’clock yesterday, the candidates of Guankou Middle School had all entered the examination room, and many parents were still waiting at the school gate. Mr. Wu, a citizen, came to accompany his granddaughter to take the exam. He said, “This is my second grandchild who has accompanied me in the college entrance examination. I want the child to know that grandpa is always there, and I hope that the child will face the college entrance examination with a good attitude.”

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Ms. Xue, who was standing at the school gate with an umbrella, told reporters that she went home after delivering her child in the morning. Later, it started to rain heavily. She was a little worried and returned to the outside of the examination room. Ms. Xue showed the reporter the blessing for her child written in calligraphy: “The sea reaches the boundless sky as the shore, and the mountain climbs to the top of the mountain. I am the peak. I will win!”

 Xiamen Foreign Language School Haicang Campus

Father raises flag to ‘make way’ for son

Yesterday morning, outside the test center of Xiamen Foreign Language School in the Haicang test area, a red banner with the words “Victory with the Flag” became a photo prop for many parents of test takers, and they were constantly borrowed. This flag was prepared by Mr. Ye and Ms. Wu, the parents of the candidates. Mr. Ye specially raised the flag to “open the way” for his son and sent him into the examination room. He said that the family also prepared a green flag with the title of “Golden List” and a yellow flag with “Going to Glory”, which will be taken outside the examination room tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to cheer for his son.

There are also parents who bring the “two treasures” at home outside the examination room to feel the atmosphere of the college entrance examination in advance. At about 9:30 yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Dai brought their young son to the outside of the Xiamen Foreign Language School in the Haicang test area. Mr. Dai told reporters that the youngest son was in the first year of junior high, just in time for the college entrance examination holiday. “The eldest son is taking the test inside, and he brought the youngest son over to cheer on his brother.”

related news

The brother who sent the test car broke down was eager to help

Xiamen Net News (Haixi Morning News reporter Yu Jie correspondent Lin Chao) “Thank you very much Master Wang for helping out in time. He is really a good driver in Xiamen!” Chang Qing likes it.

It turned out that at about 7:50 yesterday, when Wang Changqing was driving through Haicang Xiayang, he encountered a breakdown of a private car sent for the test. “Follow me, trust me.” Wang Changqing hurriedly brought the candidates and a parent into the car, and finally arrived safely and smoothly at the examination room of Haicang No. 1 Middle School. Master Wang also declined the payment from the parents.

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Xiamen Transportation Center reminds that during the college entrance examination, candidates who see a vehicle with the “2022 College Entrance Examination Love Service Vehicle” sign can wave to stop the car and take it to the test center. Candidates who need to be picked up can also call 5151000 to make an appointment.

This year’s college entrance examination essay questions

(Volume I of the National New College Entrance Examination)

Read the material below and write as required. (60 points)

“Master hand, skillful hand, and common hand” are the three terms of Go. A good move refers to a normal move that is in line with chess logic; a good move refers to an unexpected and subtle move; a common move is a move that appears to be reasonable, but is usually damaged from an overall perspective. For beginners, you should start with your own hand. The only way you can improve your chess skills is when you have solid skills in your own hand. Some beginners are keen on the pursuit of good skills, while ignoring the more commonly used skills. The hand is the foundation, and the skill is the creation. Generally speaking, only when you have a deep understanding of your own hand can you have a good hand; otherwise, you will inevitably make an unconventional hand, and the level will not be easy to improve. The above materials are quite enlightening to us. Please write an article based on the material to reflect your perception and thinking.

Requirements: choose the right angle, determine the concept, clarify the style, and prepare the title; do not copy, do not plagiarize; do not disclose personal information; not less than 800 words.


The composition title of Volume I of the National New College Entrance Examination focuses on the enlightenment meaning of “master, master, and vulgar player” in Go. Experts from the Chinese Proposition Team of the College Entrance Examination said that the material emphasizes the “conformity of chess”, “solid kung fu” and “deep understanding” of “hands”, and is intended to enlighten front-line teachers and students that the foundation is not the simple memory of knowledge, not the mechanical training of skills, but Mastering and integrating basic concepts and laws, clarifying the dialectical relationship between lofty goals and hard work, solid foundation and innovation and creation, guide students to follow the basic laws of cognition and ability training, keep upright and then innovate.

(according to Xinhua News Agency)

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