Home News In Becerril, almost $1,000 million was “spent” on the municipal festivities

In Becerril, almost $1,000 million was “spent” on the municipal festivities

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In Becerril, almost $1,000 million was “spent” on the municipal festivities

In the country of ‘Sacred heart‘, the festivities in honor of the patron saints and festivals they are sacred. A ritual. And the Cesar is no exception. For this reason, each year the mayors allocate millionaire resources to keep up the tradition.

Of February 2 to 5or, in the municipality of becerril will celebrate the version 49 of the La Paletilla Festival. In this sense, the Mayor’s Office allocated $905 million to support the festivities. The main contract was $821 million.

With these resources, the administration will finance the main activities of the traditional festivals of the mining municipality, among them the caravans, musical presentations and cultural events.

However, within the budget there are striking prices. For example, for the amplification and sound system for the presentations of cultural groups and amateur voice contest for 3 days, the Mayor’s Office will pay $204 million.

On the other hand, the Mayor paid $18 million for the design and production of 6 dresses for the queen. A$3 millions each dress.

Las Becerril festivities They are the most expensive in the department of Cesar, even above the anniversary of Valledupar, which has more than half a million inhabitants.

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