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In Caorle the heart-shaped Margherita pizza to file the blasphemy

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In Caorle the heart-shaped Margherita pizza to file the blasphemy

A heart-shaped pizza, to remedy the clamor raised a few weeks ago for pizza with blasphemy. And soon it could also be integrated, the pizza chef suspended for what happened. There are good news in the pizzeria that has ended up in the center of attention throughout Italy due to an accident that has caused a lot of scandal, but also hilarity, especially on the web. The restaurant is a well-known establishment, close to the central area of ​​Caorle.

On one of the first crowded Sundays in September, one of the pizza chefs employed, who until then had not given any way to be reproached, lost his head, writing a curse on the circle of the pizza over the tomato with cream. A gesture dictated, to him to say of him, by a moment of frustration for some family problems, which in the workplace, he had not been able to keep aside.

The annoyed customer posted a negative review of the place on Tripadvisor, and only at that point did the owner have to apologize, in front of the evidence. But the owner, including the reasons for that gesture, had also decided not to fire the pizza chef, suspending the professional until he had completely resolved his family problems. In these days the pizzeria has continued to work hard, because numerous events have been organized in Caorle, including the anti-violence foot race Caorle 4 Women, and the Independent Film Festival.

A special pizza was then prepared for one of the customers: a heart-shaped margherita with an arrow drawn imitating the symbol par excellence of the noblest sentiment, namely Cupid. «We» explained from the pizzeria «we also make pizzas with the heart».

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The summer is over and it has been archived. The pizzeria will continue to work as it remains open even in the winter months and, with the heart-shaped pizza, has filed an unpleasant episode, looking to the future with more serenity

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