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In Cesar the number of victims due to road accidents did not rise

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In Cesar the number of victims due to road accidents did not rise

The National Road Safety Observatory, through a report on the reduction of road accidents throughout the country, placed Cesar among the three departments in which deaths due to accidents on the roads did not increase.

This department appears in the aforementioned report behind Casanare and Arauca, departments that during 2022 reduced the number of fatalities in road accidents. The rest of the territorial jurisdictions presented an increase.

In order for these figures to continue to decrease in the present term, the Government of Cesar through the Departmental Institute of Transit, is developing a task of prevention and road safety, using its technical and human resources.

“The results are positive since, for the first time, after the pandemic, we decreased the accident rate. From one year to the next there was a decrease, mainly in December,” said Carlos Vega Maestre, director of the Institute.

During the year 2022, 303 people died in road accidents in Cesar, compared to 309 who lost their lives in the year 2021. The victims are mainly motorcyclists: 182 so far the previous year, followed by 43 people traveling in private car and 33 pedestrians.

For this reason, one of the strategies of the Government, We Do It Better, through Tránsito Cesar, was the delivery of regulatory helmets to motorcyclists in municipalities such as Pailitas, Curumaní, La Gloria, San Diego, among others, after participating in training on traffic rules dictated by the Institute and the National Police, and reinforce the operations in the patron saint festivities, pre-carnivals and carnivals that began in January.

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“In agreement with Ditra (Directorate of Transit and Transportation of the National Police, and the traffic agencies of the department such as Codazzi, La Jagua and Becerril we are working for road safety. At night and early morning during the patron saint festivities we will reinforce the operations to guarantee the safety of all citizens”, concluded the director Vega Maestre.

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