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In Colombia by 2022 there were 552 victims of police violence

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This was announced by the NGO Temblores, which also revealed that fatalities would amount to 26 and 16 cases of sexual violence.


In a study published by the NGO Temblores called “Report of facts of police violence of 2022” the figures of violence that Colombia went through in the immediately previous year were recorded, where 552 people were victims of violence exerted by the public force or of cop.

Within these figures, it was revealed that at least 26 deaths would have been left by this police violence and 16 cases of sexual violence, which reveals that different acts of violence by uniformed officers continue to be presented.

Likewise, the victims of physical aggression were 164 according to the report, which also indicated that in the month of October the figures rose, after that for the month of September, the same had decreased.

In what is known by the NGO that is dedicated to documenting and analyzing the relationship of the Police with the citizens. These attacks, in most cases, occurred within the framework of protests where the public forces had to intervene in order to restore public order in different cities.

Of the 26 deaths registered by Temblores, 23 were due to gunshot wounds. The three remaining cases occurred due to polytrauma, because the victim was run over by a vehicle and due to electrical charges from a taser. “The latter highlights the lethal nature of low-lethality weapons,” stressed the NGO, since by this same mechanism the law student Javier Ordóñez was murdered in 2019, in events that led to massive protests that were responded to with harsh repression by the institution.

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It was also revealed that five people died due to police actions in leisure contexts in public spaces, four at checkpoints, three in police pursuits, three in invasions of private spaces, among other cases.

What has been said has not been followed

What the NGO reflected is that the recommendations of instances such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) or the Supreme Court of Justice, which have issued instructions to the Police to adjust their response to the demonstrations, have not been taken into account.

“We call for the Public Force not to intervene violently in spaces that are part of the daily life of citizens and that police interaction with citizens who make constant use of public space is not crossed by arbitrariness,” they wrote. .

Tremors denounced that it has a record of 16 cases of sexual violence allegedly committed by members of the Police. In addition, they explained: “8 were men, that is, 50% of the cases, 6 women (37.5%) of which 1 is a trans woman and 2 non-binary people (12.5%).” Some of these cases, according to the organization, occurred when people went to the Police seeking help because they had been victims of sexual or gender-based violence by a third party, only to be assaulted again.

Other data

For the period of time between 2015 and 2019, Colombians denounced the Public Force 7,193 times for physical violence. The Police were attributed 3,820 cases. However, Legal Medicine recorded a total of 79,796 medical-legal evaluations for acts of physical violence attributed to members of the Police. According to the complainants, alerting the Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation into physical violence is a difficult process, since they understand that they will be revictimized, that there will be no speed on the part of public entities and that, on some occasions, they have been threatened. not to speak

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Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office, of the 7,193 processes initiated from 2015 to 2020, 1.29% have a conviction, 1.22% an acquittal, 34.7% are archived and 62.7% are assets.

In the same way, the NGO affirmed that, between 2015 and 2020, members of State security have been denounced 849 times for homicidal violence. The Police in 371 opportunities, the Army in 258 and unidentified soldiers in 220 cases. However, according to information from Legal Medicine, although in that period there were 849 complaints, there are 1,215 medical-legal evaluations of people murdered and in whose files it is hypothesized that it was a member of the Public Force.

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