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In-depth investigation and research on the “Four Emphasis and Four Promotions” in Fujian colleges and universities promotes the deepening and solidity of theme education—China Education Online

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In-depth investigation and research on “Four Focuses and Four Promotions” in Fujian colleges and universities to promote thematic education to go deep and solid

Since the launch of the theme education, the first batch of participating colleges and universities in Fujian Province have thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on investigation and research, conscientiously implemented the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the work requirements of the provincial party committee, and regarded Daxing investigation and research as an important content of the theme education, combined with reality , pay attention to innovative methods, take the lead from above, focus on problems, promote development and promote investigation and research to be accurate, practical, true, and excellent, improve the quality of investigation and research, and help the high-quality development of higher education in Fujian.

Focus on innovative methods and promote accurate research. All colleges and universities vigorously inherit and carry forward the investigation spirit of Caixi Township, carry forward the fine traditions of “four downs to the grassroots” and “four thousand families”, innovate investigation methods, and make good use of the “heirloom” of investigation and research.

  Fuzhou UniversityThrough investigation and research, the six dimensions of “upward”, “downward”, “forward”, “backward”, “inward” and “outward” are promoted in an integrated way, adhere to the unity of goal orientation, problem orientation, and effect orientation, and transform the research results into promotion The actual results of work and overcoming difficulties are transformed into practical things for the people that improve people’s livelihood and enhance well-being, and promote thematic education to the forefront by doing practical things.Longyan CollegeThe theme education reading class is in the Caixi Township Investigation Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong. In order to save the Chinese revolution, Comrade Mao Zedong traveled long distances, ten to Shanghang, and entered Caixi three times. The great original aspiration, firm belief and tenacious will of the Chinese Communists comprehend the fine traditions of the Chinese Communists following the mass line, going deep into reality, investigating and researching, and seeking truth from facts.Quanzhou Medical CollegeFocusing on the three special researches of “central work research, capital promotion work research, enterprise visit and job expansion research”, 12 research meetings have been carried out successively, with on-the-spot research on the affiliated People’s Hospital, Nan’an Campus, Hui’an Campus, Yuanchang Group and Luojiang Campus as the theme Find the right direction for education to land.

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Pay attention to the above-mentioned rate, and promote the research to be done. The leaders of all universities take the lead in demonstrating, working together from top to bottom, working in the same direction, forming a strong joint force from multiple perspectives, levels, and dimensions, so that investigation and research can listen to the truth, touch the truth, and observe the truth.

  Fujian Agriculture and Forestry UniversityMembers of the school’s leadership team took the lead and closely focused on the importance of “General Secretary Xi Jinping cares about and guides the construction and development of the school, and builds the school into a ‘cultivation base for innovative talents, a research base for knowledge innovation, a base for tackling key technologies, and an incubation base for high-tech industries'”. Requirements”, carry out research on leading topics from the top-level design of school development, party building and ideological and political work, and strengthening the school with talents.Jimei UniversityThe school leaders played the head-goose effect and led the team to Southwest University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, North University of China, Anmaxin (Changzhou) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and other universities and enterprises to conduct research, and Conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges with academicians Guo Boling and Huang Guohe who came to the school.Fujian Technical Teachers CollegePay attention to leadership and demonstration, go deep into Fujian Daily, Fujian Radio and Television Group, Yuweixiang, Shengtian, Yuguan and other enterprises to understand the talent needs of enterprises, and promote the development of disciplines and professional construction.Fujian Institute of EducationPromote the construction of a research pattern in which the members of the leading group of the party committee are led by the above and commanded by the front, and the heads of the departments are coordinated to advance and concentrate on tackling difficulties, and relevant party members and cadres are deeply involved. Investigate “Construction Crew”.

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Focus on focusing on the problem and promote the research to be real. Based on the reality of the school, all colleges and universities go straight to the problem, focusing on improving the ability and level of school management, school reform and development stability, teachers and students’ urgent difficulties and worries, etc., insisting on educating people for the party and the country, highlighting the higher education in Fujian feature.

  Xiamen UniversityWith the theme of “deeply implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important congratulatory letter to the 100th anniversary of the founding of Xiamen University, focusing on fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and promoting the high-quality development of the school’s cause”, the members of the school’s leadership team will be based on their areas of responsibility. Research on people-leading topics, and carried out 9 special researches.Fujian Normal UniversityIn close combination with the actual situation of the school, 13 research directions are determined, the research method steps and specific work requirements are clarified, and efforts are made to find the “source of living water” for career development through high-quality research and research.Sanming CollegeAdhere to problem orientation, focus on 32 issues in 13 aspects, the school leadership team sinks to the front line, and organizes the construction of first-class application-oriented colleges and universities, the construction of disciplines and majors, and services for local development by going deep into grassroots units, learning from brother units, and visiting county and district government enterprises. Research, collecting 26 research items such as technical support, talent demand, etc., to achieve “targeted” focus and “bull’s-eye” impartiality in theme education.

Focus on promoting development and promoting research excellence. All colleges and universities combine the action of “strive for excellence with deep learning, dare to be the first, and strive for effectiveness with hard work”.

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  Minnan Normal UniversityThe leaders of the school have led relevant units to visit Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Wenzhou University, Fuzhou University and other universities for investigation and research, learn from advanced experience in doctoral program construction, discipline construction, postgraduate training, library service innovation, etc., and ask alumni through on-site visits Plan, ask experts for advice, and ask the society for advice. By entering colleges, classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, teachers and students, etc., listening to introductions, seeing the facts, asking needs, and expressing opinions, 59 investigations were conducted to promote high-level normal education through investigation and research. The pace of university construction.Fujian College of EngineeringSchool leaders went to Xiamen University, Huaqiao University, Jimei University, and Minnan Normal University for research and exchange. Through on-the-spot visits, symposiums and exchanges, etc., they focused on the construction of “one-stop” student communities, campus culture, and counselor teams in colleges and universities. Combined with the actual situation of the school, the research results are integrated into the school’s ideological and political education work, and efforts are made to improve the effectiveness of education.Fujian Preschool Teachers CollegeThe school leaders led the team to Liming Vocational University, Quanzhou Preschool Teachers College, and went deep into the affiliated First Kindergarten, the affiliated Xiangyuan Kindergarten, Cangshan District Meilin Bay Children’s Development Kindergarten, Baima Campus, Jinshan Campus, and Haixi Baby Early Education Center to conduct on-campus and off-campus investigations Research, learn from advanced concepts, strive for development support, clarify development ideas, solve development problems, brainstorm and promote school development.Fujian Health Vocational and Technical CollegeActively respond to the development needs of the big health industry, extensively visited and surveyed 26 health care enterprises and institutions, focused on the high-quality development needs of new industries and new formats, investigated the shortcomings of the “double colleges and universities”, actively integrated into and served the new development of the big health industry pattern.

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