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In-depth study of Zhejiang’s “ten million project” experience to solidly promote the construction of livable, industrial and beautiful villages_Shenyang Morning Reading_News Center_Shenyang

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  News from our newspaper (Reporter Li Haiying)On June 23, Wang Xinwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to Kangping County, Faku County, and Shenbei New District to fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on “three rural” work, and deeply study the experience of Zhejiang’s “ten million project” , and solidly promote the construction of a livable, business-friendly and beautiful countryside to conduct research.

Wang Xinwei came to Dongsheng Village in Kangping County, Machang Village in Weitang, and Lijiahuangdi Village in Faku County. He went deep into the fields and farmers’ homes to see the appearance of the villages, talk about the collective economy, and seek common prosperity. He also inspected the agricultural planting demonstration bases on the spot. Research and promote the construction of beautiful courtyards, beautiful villages and beautiful countryside. He emphasized that it is necessary to conscientiously practice the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, create rural production, living, communication and commercial spaces, strengthen market concepts and “Internet” thinking, integrate factor resources, actively connect with the market, and promote industrial prosperity. Energize the collective economy and drive farmers to increase their income; promote the “three major revolutions” of garbage, sewage and toilets, improve the normal long-term management and protection mechanism involving the participation of the government, the collective, the masses and the market, and form a new environment improvement environment that all parties coordinate, build and share pattern. Wang Xinwei walked into the construction site of Kangping County Garbage Renewable Energy Power Plant Project and asked to strengthen construction organization, implement a double prevention system for safety production, and accelerate the realization of harmless treatment and resource utilization of county-level garbage. In the Shenbei New District Meijiaou Ornamental Tree Species Research and Development Co., Ltd., Wang Xinwei encouraged the company to increase the introduction of high-quality tree species and show greater achievements in the construction of a beautiful Shenyang.

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Wang Xinwei pointed out in the survey that the “ten million project” is a major decision that General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planned, deployed, and promoted during his work in Zhejiang. It has been implemented for 20 years and has guided Zhejiang to comprehensively shape a livable and pleasant rural living environment. Activate the rural development momentum of entrepreneurship and wealth creation, comprehensively straighten out the integrated urban-rural relationship of interaction and mutual promotion, comprehensively improve the quality of life of farmers who are happy and beautiful, and comprehensively improve the level of rural governance that is good at governance and success. The scientific approach to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and promote the construction of a beautiful China has created thousands of beautiful villages and benefited thousands of farmers. We must deeply grasp the essence of Zhejiang’s “ten million project” experience, adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, and creatively promote Shenyang in accordance with the general requirements of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance, and affluent life. Practice to create a livable, business-friendly and beautiful village.

Wang Xinwei emphasized that it is necessary to solidly promote the construction of the “three beauties”, adhere to the guidance of planning, improve the system and norms, establish an operating mechanism, and standardize the “five cleans and one standard” for hospital cleanliness, living room cleanliness, kitchen cleanliness, toilet cleanliness, personal hygiene cleanliness, and article placement. “Based on promoting the construction of beautiful courtyards; focusing on the timely transfer of garbage, effective sewage treatment, and clean toilets, promoting the construction of beautiful villages; based on the “three-life integration” of production, life, and ecology and industry, talents, culture, ecology, and Organize the “five revitalization” as the core, promote the construction of beautiful countryside, and attract and retain people with a beautiful environment suitable for living and working. It is necessary to strengthen rural characteristic industries and county-level leading industries, based on “soil” resources, magnify “special” advantages, extend the “production” chain, vigorously cultivate leisure agriculture, rural tourism, homestay economy, e-commerce live broadcasting and other emerging formats, and put Villages are transformed into scenic spots, private houses into guest rooms, and products into commodities, so that more farmers can increase their income and become rich at their doorsteps; relying on the construction of industrial parks, promote the multiplication of projects and investment, create unique advantageous industrial clusters, and cultivate new economic growth poles in the county. It is necessary to promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas, insist on extending infrastructure such as water, electricity, roads, sewage, and telecommunications to rural areas, provide public services such as employment, education, medical care, elderly care, and culture to rural areas, and flow various resource elements to rural areas, so as to accelerate the formation of industrial and rural areas. A new type of industrial-farmer-urban-rural relationship that promotes each other, complements urban and rural areas, coordinates development, and prospers together. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of rural governance, highlight the clear direction of grasping the grassroots, adhere to the leadership of party building, practice the concept of “two neighbors”, strengthen the construction of “zero accidents, zero cases, and zero disputes” villages, and carry out in-depth “party sent me” warm action And “I am Lei Feng” voluntary activities, strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas, cultivate civilized rural customs, good family traditions, and simple folk customs; select the best and strengthen the leading group of grassroots party organizations, send strong first secretaries and work teams, and pay attention to selection Excellent young cadres go to the grassroots level in rural areas to train and grow up, and cultivate development leaders, industry leaders, and people who understand policies.

City leaders Wen Ran and Zheng Bin participated.

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