Home News In flames uninhabited house in Oderzo, you find two petrol cans

In flames uninhabited house in Oderzo, you find two petrol cans

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In flames uninhabited house in Oderzo, you find two petrol cans

The fire broke out in via delle Grazie, the carabinieri found a jerrycan in the garden and a half-full one inside

ODERZO. Two petrol cans were found on the outside, and triggering marks on the inside. The fire that damaged an uninhabited house in on Sunday afternoon is malicious via Delle Grazie in Oderzo. The police investigate the case.

The alarm was raised around 3.30 pm by the residents of the street which is located at the gates of the historic center. The flames were blazing inside the uninhabited house: the black smoke coming out of the windows is clearly visible. The firefighters and carabinieri from the Oderzo station arrived on the spot. The firefighters managed to extinguish the flames quickly and then to enter the house to understand what was the origin of the fire. In the end, the damage was not huge: the flames blackened the back facade. The investigations conducted by the Oderzo carabinieri did not take long to identify the cause.

They have been found two tanks of petrol: one completely empty in the garden, one still half full inside on an upper floor. Probably a mistake on the part of the arsonists, who hoped that the flames would destroy the tank still inside. But something in their plan must have gone wrong.

This is also demonstrated by the fact that the completely empty tank has been abandoned in the garden. As if they were disturbed and forced to flee quickly. According to initial investigations, the fire was started from the inside and whoever did it did not need to break into the front door. The fire then lengthens troubling shadows. Why set fire to a long-abandoned house? Just a destructive act, or other interests? Answers that may come from the investigations and from the prosecutor who will open a file on the fire. The images of the video surveillance cameras of the area will be acquired.

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