Home News In Genoa in hundreds at the CGIL presidium. And in La Spezia, Minister Orlando also arrives in front of the union

In Genoa in hundreds at the CGIL presidium. And in La Spezia, Minister Orlando also arrives in front of the union

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Hundreds of people, certainly more than 500, attended the garrison in Genoa this morning in front of the CGIL headquarters in via San Giovanni D’Acri in Cornigliano. A similar initiative was held in front of the Chiavari headquarters and all the CGIL offices in the Ligurian territory, as well as in the national one, are open after the assault yesterday on the national headquarters of the CGIL in Rome. The Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando also intervened in front of the CGIL of La Spezia, before the deposition of the crown at the monument to the victims of work in La Spezia, on the National Day for the Victims of Accidents at Work. A procession that crossed the Cornigliano district also started from the union headquarters in the Genoese district.

“The immediate response we give to the assault that took place yesterday in the headquarters of the national CGIL is to keep all the offices of the Chamber of Labor of Italy open”, explained Elena Bruzzese, secretary of the Genoa Chamber of Labor, also pointing out the organized national general assembly to decide “what answer to give for this attack, which we remember is an attack on the democracy of our country because every single CGIL office is the home of democracy, participation and the rights of workers in these”.
“In these hours there have been many testimonies of solidarity that have arrived. We are here to defend our headquarters and to oppose any initiative of attack and violation of democracy in our country. the dismantling of all the fascist organizations of this country that are opposed to our constitution born from the liberation struggle “.

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