Home News In Milan 700 educators absent in municipal kindergartens, 109 early leaving classes. After-school still closed

In Milan 700 educators absent in municipal kindergartens, 109 early leaving classes. After-school still closed

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The approximately 30,000 enrolled in nursery schools and nursery schools in Milan are back. Last week, the Municipality had ordered the closure of the post-school, the service offered to families in the time slot 16.30-18.30: a suspension that continues to this day since among the 3,200 educators who work in these institutes , today they were absent in over 700. The reasons, as explained by the Municipality of Milan, are “various, including the disease certified for Covid, the fiduciary quarantine, the lack of vaccination certification (currently 92 cases, about 13 percent of the total of the absent), as well as for personal reasons “. For the deputy mayor Anna Scavuzzo, “the data on absences and the consequent maintenance of services is monitored and updated daily but it is quite clear that in this situation, to maintain the ordinary service as much as possible, the opening from 16.30 was no longer sustainable. at 18.30, even net of Lombardy’s entry into the yellow zone “. Today, in fact, the ordinary hours – that is between 7.30-16.30 – have been ensured for the majority of the sections, but the strong increase in absences has in any case led to an early exit at 13.30 / 14 for several dozen sections. In all, 108 sections were affected by the hourly contraction, of which 21 of the nursery school (out of a total of 103) and another 87 of the kindergarten (out of 852 total sections), as well as a spring section on the 37 towns . However, 4 sections of childhood have not been reopened, one of which is spring.

“I am aware – said Scacvuzzo, who is in charge of the institution – that the suspension of the post school has been a problem for families who have no longer been able to count on this important support, but at the same time I would like to thank all the educational staff thanks to whom we are ensuring ordinary service to the great majority of girls and boys “. But, concluded the number 2 of Palazzo Marino, “at this moment I believe it is more important than ever to continue with the vaccination campaign, as well as to restore the priority for workers in the school sector of preferential access to tampons both for diagnostics and for returning to service after illness “.

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