Home News “In my company only with the Green Pass”. Entrepreneur threatened on social media: “Now the No vax wish me to die”

“In my company only with the Green Pass”. Entrepreneur threatened on social media: “Now the No vax wish me to die”

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A communication on the Facebook page, “our employees all have the green pass”, and the uproar ensues. Dozens of comments with offensive language, some almost bordering on threat: “you must die”, “you will go hungry”, “you can only organize funerals.” A wave of heavy appreciation those left at the bottom of the post of the animation company led by the Neapolitan entrepreneur, Daniele Maffettone, amazed by the reaction – but many have instead expressed their consent with respect to that declaration – but ready not to stop and not to give it won.

«All our animators and artists – this is the text published last September 6th – have a Green pass !!! Book an outdoor or indoor party in complete safety !!! ». A series of particularly heavy comments immediately arrived from the No vax people.

Still on Fb, the animation company had recalled that it was “a simple service communication in which we did not ask for any opinion. Many felt the duty to respond and also commented in a disrespectful way. The question is this: to work in contact with the public you need the Green Pass. We have the Green pass. We are respectful of the laws ».

And thereafter, remembering the other precautions taken, from measuring body temperature, to disinfecting play material, to gels, to masks. Maffettone is 43 years old and has been working in the animation sector for ten years. He didn’t expect, he tells al Morning who reported on the story, «the wave of violence and hatred hurled against me and my collaborators. I chose to make public the green pass because I believed it was an added value for the services we offer. I don’t understand no vaxes but I respect everyone’s opinions. I’m not the one who makes the green pass laws. Shortly after the publication of the post the insults became more and more ferocious and violent and then the threats and death wishes began. They also wished me to have cancer for the mere fact of having communicated that they had the Green Pass ».

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