Home News In Palermo, flames in Bellolampo. The stake has not yet been tamed. Mayor Lagalla: “Don’t leave home”

In Palermo, flames in Bellolampo. The stake has not yet been tamed. Mayor Lagalla: “Don’t leave home”

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In Palermo, flames in Bellolampo.  The stake has not yet been tamed.  Mayor Lagalla: “Don’t leave home”

And while Pantelleria burns, at five in the morning a Santo Stefano di Camastra the mercury shows 38 degrees. And it will rise again, beyond 41 degrees. A hellish day born under the worst auspices on the fires front: a vast fire that broke out between Santo Stefano and Reitano, in an area close to the town, near the state road 117, together with the men on the ground of the firefighters , forestry and civil protection volunteers on the spot also two Canadair and a helicopter who carried out numerous launches. In the afternoon, the alarm is on New village, the flames lick the houses in the city. Residents flee. The videos circulating on the net are impressive

When the fire in Borgo Nuovo is extinguished, the emergency moves to the north of the city: flames in the landfill of Bellolampo. Mayor Lagalla asks for reinforcements. But the Rap that manages the waste disposal plant assure that the fires have not affected the operation of the plant and also the Tmb. The mayor asks the citizens of Borgo Nuovo not to leave their homes.

Also in Messina, the arsonists struck in the district of San Basilio in Galati Mamertino. The flames are devouring, instead, hectares of Mediterranean scrub in Sant’Angelo di Brolo between the CalabrĂ², San Gregorio and Petraro districts, also here in action the air vehicles: a canadair and a helicopter.

Pantelleria, the night of fire for rescuers. The mayor: “Significant damage”


Pantelleria, the fires have been extinguished: 60 hectares of vegetation destroyed. The mayor: “It’s a mess, if anyone knows you can speak”

by Marta Occhipinti, Salvo Palazzolo

But it was a night of fires almost everywhere thanks to the hand of man and the strong sirocco wind that fueled the flames even in the province of Palermo. All the fire brigade and forestry teams were engaged on different fronts: between Montemaggiore Belsito and Roccapalumba the flames devoured hectares of vegetation and wooded area and again in Buonfornello, close to the Palermo-Catania in the Cerda area, and again bonfires in Terrasini, Cinisi, Capaci, Carini and along the Palermo-Mazara del Vallo motorway.

A fire near Monreale, in the Portella della Paglia area, had been extinguished but has regained vigor. Canadair and helicopters cannot intervene due to the thick smoke at high altitude that limits visibility.

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