Home News In Rivarolo, shops and craft businesses dress up for the party (and in pink)

In Rivarolo, shops and craft businesses dress up for the party (and in pink)

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In Rivarolo, shops and craft businesses dress up for the party (and in pink)
From left Elisa Di Maria, Alessio Trione and Cristina Miletta

First registrations to the contest. Hunt for historical and more curious relics to choreograph. Enrietto will prepare a special zabaglione and a special milk ice cream with fruit

RIVAROLO CANAVESE. Less than eleven days to the Rivarolo Canavese – Cogne stage and waiting for the event, Sunday 22 May, the shops and the city begin to dress in pink and gear up to participate in the contest that will reward the best ideas. Tiziana Sartori, of JPoint has already signed up for the contest: “I aspire to win and it is with this spirit that, together with a window-dresser friend of mine, we started setting up the display cabinet for a month, combining original Giro objects, such as wheels of bikes, water bottles, t-shirts, posters and original passes for workwear, such as front pockets, hats and chef jackets. In addition, with the newspaper of the Gazzetta dello Sport I made some fans. And the flag of Italy could not be missing ».

Alberto Gioannini by Jman: «I decided to participate in the contest to help make Rivarolo Canavese even more beautiful. I found a walking bicycle belonging to my grandmother and decided to paint it pink, giving it a touch vintage to the shop window. I hope in those days a lot of people can arrive and crowd the arcades. The riders will also make a catwalk in the city before the start of the actual race and the walking bike also symbolizes this aspect ».

Not only window dressing, but also delights that are very well connected to the Giro d’Italia and in this regard the Enrietto il latte a Gelato di Giovanni Enriettoassisted by the great professionalism of Elisa Di Maria, Alessio Trione e Cristina Miletta, will propose a couple of truly exceptional products, as Enrietto himself tells us: «On the occasion of this sporting event we will prepare Enrietto in Rosa zabaglione for the Giro and our ice cream milk for the Giro, combined with fruit cream. I cannot reveal anything more, everything must remain top secret on the preparation of these two products, otherwise we would lose the surprise we want to give to all those who come to visit us. We also participate in the contest with the aim of giving visibility to the venue, to the great work done every day by my highly trained and dynamic employees and to the city of Rivarolo ».

Piero Mazza e Monica Bosio I’m from CaraPina ice cream parlor: “On the occasion of the event we will wear pink t-shirts, plus we will put pink geraniums outside the room, there will be music to entertain cycling enthusiasts, while as regards the products we will offer, we are still studying how to amaze who will come to visit us: an idea could be that of an energy ice cream or granita, given that we are talking about a sporting event ».

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