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In search of the spirituality of Lent in times of crisis – DIARIO CRONICA

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In search of the spirituality of Lent in times of crisis – DIARIO CRONICA

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The birth of the year 2024 came as a hurricane of tragedies: violence from the neighborhood criminal to the drug trafficking cartels, and reaching the irrational violence of the police and the army; again the political instability that generates the presidential term lasting two years; the poverty and misery that forces the majority of Ecuadorians to live on one dollar a day; We continue to experience the trauma of the pandemic: fear of leaving the house, distrust of everyone we meet on the street; public education and health neglected to the extreme; the discrediting of social movements that are described as terrorists; the arts and social sciences discredited as useless activities; families destroyed by both domestic and social violence; and, a long etc., all directed and controlled by businessmen, bankers and millionaires who do not represent even 10% of Ecuadorians.

Have we lost hope? Of course not, the exploiters will never defeat us, they will never make us give up our dreams… We have the most valuable thing left: SPIRITUALITY. But what spirituality should we live?

Father Pedro Pierre helps us delve deeper into the topic: “We have begun a new year: We have asked ourselves where we are going and why we exist… remembering the saying: ‘He who knows where he comes from does not know where he is going.’ Our way of understanding ourselves defines our way of living, whether conscious or not. Have we taken the time to sit or pause to ask ourselves this? Unfortunately, we are not used to being silent or stopping from time to time to evaluate ourselves, to connect with the most intimate part of our inner being, to ask ourselves who I am, where I am going, why I exist, like the spirit that guides me, inhabits me. , encourages me, guides me…

It is more than time to return to the heart of the life that inhabits us, to the most intimate part of our being that we will call our spiritual dimension or the identity of what we say we possess: our soul. This is the house of our spirit or our spirituality, because we are a body animated by a spirit or a spirit materialized in a body. Our spirit or our soul is a space that we do not control because it escapes us by going beyond us: it is not our creation since it has been given to us with the arrival of life… through the ‘art and magic’ of our parents. It is a space that we know little about, that we marginalize, neglect… when it is perhaps the most important thing about us. Will it not be the cradle of all wisdom?

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We notice, in these times when religions do not respond to the concerns and searches of the new generations, we realize that many people look to Asian wisdom to fill the void in their lives. Quite a few others seek to understand the spirituality of the indigenous world thanks to the guidance of shamans. But, each and every one of us can connect with our spiritual home, our deepest intimacy, through a life choice where we dedicate long daily moments of silence that will gradually open us to the spirituality that lives in each and all of us. Then our life will regain a new meaning, broader, calmer, more open and happier. Let’s also look at the great characters of our time and our country. Let’s go, for example, from Rumiñahui to Tránsito Amaguaña, passing through Leonidas Proaño and some indigenous communities with their shamans who know how to welcome us to share their spirituality… They will help us discover and strengthen our spirituality so as not to walk like zombies in an increasingly violent and oppressive that enslaves us and opposes us to each other… We will begin at the beginning, to learn to live ‘as God commands’, that is, as we deserve: according to the most intimate part of us: our spirituality.” .

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