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In the District Council they deny a project to create three police inspections

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In the District Council they deny a project to create three police inspections

The District Council rejected the proposal led by the Mayor’s Office to establish three additional police inspections in the city, citing a lack of clarity in costs and their funding source.

The project, led by the district administration, sought to establish new inspection structures to strengthen security in the city. However, during the ordinary session, Councilor Iván Sarabia Caballero expressed his reservations, urging his colleagues to reject the proposal until a budget is approved that meets the requirements established by budget regulations.

The controversy centers on article 7 of law 819 of 2003, which requires that any bill that involves tax expenses or benefits must be explicit and compatible with the Medium-Term Fiscal Framework. The District Council maintains that the current proposal does not meet these requirements, since the costs and the source of financing have not been sufficiently detailed.

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Councilor Sarabia Caballero explained: “The rule is clear in the required explicitness. It is not a mere enunciation, but rather the costs and their source of financing must be clearly stated. Although the mayor’s office affirms that the project will not affect the 2024 budgetit is clear that said budget has not yet been approved, which makes these provisions incompatible with the organic budget statute“.

This episode highlights the importance of transparency in the presentation of billsespecially when they involve significant financial aspects, and highlights the need to align these proposals with current legal provisions to ensure consistency and long-term viability.

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