Home News In the Francisco Javier neighborhood, a man was killed with a firearm

In the Francisco Javier neighborhood, a man was killed with a firearm

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A man identified as Manuel Esteban Ayala Bohórquez, 52, in the Francisco Javier neighborhood of Valledupar, was murdered from several firearm impacts, in events that occurred this Thursday.

The victim was at his residence and was preparing to leave on a trip, moments in which a subject approached him and posing as a messenger, asked him for an address, but unexpectedly pulled out a firearm and shot him repeatedly.

His relatives did not take long to take him to the Eduardo Arredondo Daza Hospital, where he arrived without vital signs.

In statements given by his relatives to the authorities, they indicated that he had arrived from Mayapo on Wednesday night and did not inform them that he had had any inconvenience or threats.

It was also known that the murderer was riding a motorcycle without license plates, had a basket on the back and fled towards the Singapore invasion.

Ayala Bohórquez was known as Culebro and was a native of Montería.

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