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In the tax decree to vote the bonus for divorced parents and cashback

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They went out the door and back (for now) through the Senate window. Among the amendments to the tax-labor dl (decree law 146/2021) connected to the maneuver, the proposals of the Five Stars to relaunch cashback and that of the Lega, with Matteo Salvini as first signatory, to set up a fund for separated or divorced working parents , in order to guarantee the continuity of disbursement of the maintenance allowance up to 800 euros.

Solutions in the package of reported amendments

The “curious” fact, especially from a political point of view, is that the two amendments, which on Thursday 18 November had been declared inadmissible by the Finance and Labor Commissions of the Senate, are now included with unchanged texts in the final dossier of the proposed amendments (approximately 340 compared to the initial 913). In the proposal of the M5s only the signatory changes: now Sergio Puglia joins Senator Gianmauro Dell’Olio.

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The fate of these amendments, beyond the attempt to propose it again, could be “sealed”. In fact, in the next few hours the commissions will receive from the Ministry of Economy the opinions on the feasibility connected with the approval of the proposed proposals (see also Il Sole 24 Ore of 24 November). The indication, at present, is that there is no budget to draw on to cover costly solutions. And since both the restoration of the cashback program and the fund for separated or divorced working parents are not zero-cost interventions, the chances of passing the trap are slim. It is not excluded that the two proposals will still go to the vote in the committees. Beyond how the tug-of-war will end, the political fact remains that two forces of the majority show that they are unwilling to give up two battle horses. Certainly, even on these dossiers a synthesis will be found within the executive.

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Franco, “cashback would have cost 1.5 billion, pos increase even after stop”

Moreover, in the last few hours, the Minister of the Economy Franco, who spoke at a hearing on the maneuver before the Budget Committees of the House and Senate, defended the choice to put an end to the state cashback. For the extension of the program to the first half of 2022, he explained, “a cost of 1.5 billion was estimated. Looking at the costs and benefits of this measure, we decided not to extend the rule. The instrument, the minister acknowledged, “contributed to encouraging the spread of electronic payments” and in fact in the first half of 2021 “the increase in payments through pos was 28% in value. But – Franco also added – we saw that in the following months, during the summer, the percentages of increase remained roughly unchanged: 29% in July, 25% in August, 26% in September ».

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