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In three continuous days they respond to requests from the 1×10 of good government

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In three continuous days they respond to requests from the 1×10 of good government

On instructions from Governor Ernesto Luna, committed to accelerating response times to VenApp requests, three journeys continuous 1×10 of the Good Government to make effective the attention requested by the people of Monaco.

In this way, 199 people were benefited with human aid, 70 pregnant women with baskets, plus 500 people from Monaco with free delivery of medicines and at least 100 disabled people with disposable diapers and five orthopedic mattresses.

These actions were carried out between Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the spaces of the Lotería de Oriente and the Government of the Monagas state.

The secretary for Public Management, Cosme Arzolay; the coordinator of Citizen Services, Miguel Figueroa, and the coordinator of the 1×10 situational room in the entity, José Alejandro Rodríguez, channel the responses that correspond to the regional Executive.

In this sense, Figueroa, who is also responsible for the deliveries of the 1×10 of the Good Government by Government, explained that last Thursday 199 human aids were delivered in the Oriente Lottery, including wheelchairs, crutches and Canes.

Likewise, on Friday and Saturday, 70 pregnant women’s baskets, five orthopedic mattresses, a batch of disposable diapers and medications for different pathologies were delivered to the Government Palace.

“We are committed to providing effective responses in the shortest time possible, fulfilling the call of our president Nicolás Maduro and our governor Ernesto Luna to respond to the requests of the 1×10 of Good Government,” he expressed.

He stressed that these services benefit Monaco residents from all the parishes of the Maturín municipality and the other 12 jurisdictions of the entity.

Cosme Arzolay, Secretary of Public Management, delivers a basket to one of the 70 pregnant women to whom Governor Ernesto Luna gave an effective response. A total of 199 human aid granted on Thursday through the 1×10 of Good Government.

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