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In Valledupar they will also march on Sunday against President Petro

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In Valledupar they will also march on Sunday against President Petro

This Sunday, April 21, in Valledupar, different sectors will go out to protest from 9 in the morning in opposition to the president’s government Gustavo Petro. The march will begin at the Los Músicos roundabout, continue along 16th Street, and continue straight through the Sicarare Hotel to Alfonso López Plaza, ending at the Parque de las Madres.

This march is organized by Civic Committee ‘Valledupar and Cesar march’made up of several production unions. Hector Manuel Tique, veteran of the National Police and promoter of the march, assured: “We invite all citizens of the department to go out and march for the disastrous government that Gustavo Petro is leading against institutions, democracy and order. “We cannot allow them to come and destroy this country, after so much progress.”

Roberto Lacouture, a rancher, said that they will go out to protest against insecurity and the tax reform “that hits all Colombians, not to the 4,000 richest”.


Valledupar is a city, contrary to the capitals of the interior, that does not have the tradition of going out to protest regardless of the political sector. In that sense, Ricardo Orozcoa member of the civic committee, argued that we must “leave laziness and be aware of what is happening.”

“There are reasons to protest: love for the country, not losing freedom. How they intend to appropriate health resources to finance terrorists and vandals. We cannot reward the bandit,” said Ricardo Orozco.

Edgar Ballestas, a veteran of the public force and member of the organizing committee, added: “We are the opposition to this government that is taking us to the well. We do not want to repeat the history of our neighbor, Venezuela. We are calm, as if things were not with us. We must wake up.”

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Different sectors, center and right, have joined the march, but all in opposition to the current government. “From my position as a citizen, I invite you to march together, as Colombians, next Sunday, April 21, in defense of the fundamental right to health and our institutional democracy,” said Juan Manuel Galán, director of the New Liberalism.

“We are going to fill all the places of Colombia to defend this country. “This is the opportunity to stop the constituent assembly of President Petro, who wants to remain in power,” added Miguel Uribe, senator for the Democratic Center.

Next Sunday, April 21, doctors from all over the country will also march. The Colombian Association of Surgery and the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies (ACSC)which brings together 69 doctors’ organizations in the country, also promote going out and marching.

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