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In via Nazionale the “Spoon River” of the Agro – Cronaca

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NOCERA SUPERIORE – Killer roads in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese. Via Nazionale is confirmed as one of the most dangerous arteries in the area. The deadly impact on Sunday evening, which led to the deaths of Manuel Kolaveri and Enzo Simeone, is unfortunately only the latest in a long and tragic series. The Camerelle di Nocera Superiore hamlet was plagued by many other serious road accidents. In August 2020 a car hit an 18-year-old girl from Cava de ‘Tirreni. The young woman was at Mc-Donald’s in Nocera Superiore. The driver overwhelmed the young woman and a friend of hers who were sitting on the side wall of the restaurant in via Nazionale. Giulia Muscariello, the girl from Cava de ‘Tirreni, with a gesture of altruism, managed with a push to push away her friend who was unharmed while her leg was amputated. Rescuers reported that the 18-year-old was losing a lot of blood, her limb had been practically severed, risking death. The previous year, again in the summer, a young personal trainer from Scafati was involved in an accident at the height of a well-known canning industry in Camerelle. It was an impact between the man’s scooter and a car driven by a girl. The young scafatese died after several days of agony in the hospital.

Same stretch of motorway and another accident in April 2018. In that circumstance, two very young people from Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino, in the hamlet of Orta Loreto, lost their lives. The boys were aboard a Fiat Punto heading towards Nocera Inferiore, they collided with another car traveling towards Cava de ‘Tirreni. An 18-year-old boy died instantly, one of his 17-year-old friends died in the hospital after twenty days of agony. These are just some of the numerous episodes, serious and less serious, which cyclically occur along the entire stretch of the Statale 18 that crosses the territory of Nocera Superiore. Passing through via Nazionale, to remember the danger of the artery and the numerous mournful events, there are several newsstands that remember those who lost their lives while driving a car or a moped. Many ask that interventions be taken to increase the degree of safety along the axis that connects Nocera Superiore to Cava de ‘Tirreni.

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