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In Yopal, payment of property tax is essential to complete the vacant land titling process – news

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The priest Luis Albeiro Camacho, who has been doing pastoral work in the La Bendición Citadel and is advancing the construction of the Chapel in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, denounces that the former mayor and pirate developer Jhon Jairo Torres pushed him and threatened him on the property where he is advancing the construction.

The facts would have occurred in the afternoon of February 1 in front of the work, when according to the priest, JJ Torres arrived and asked for him, after calling him an “invader”, later he began to insult him, pushed him and threatened him directly.

In an interview, Camacho assures that the Special Assets Society (SAE) handed over the place to the Diocese of Yopal, who later handed over the place for its administration.

He insists that 15 days after arriving in the area, the first threat came through social networks. Since he had not been able to speak with Torres, he did not file the complaint, although he tried to call him to talk without getting a response. He later assures that armed men came to the land to threaten him.

After the event, he went to the Ombudsman’s Office to inform the entity of the case and also directly informed the Governor of Casanare, while this Thursday, February 2, he will be at the Prosecutor’s Office to advance the formal complaint.

In the midst of the problem, the priest assures that he was entrusted with pastoral work and as a professional challenge he assumed it, now he hopes that justice will clarify the situation of the property.

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Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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