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Ineptitude as a form of Government

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Ineptitude as a form of Government

Luis Humberto Tovar Trujillo

Finally what; Oil is good or bad. We all understand that the progress of the world is due to oil; unquestionable statement.

You need to be a person with a terminal mental illness, so aberrant, to believe that progress is made in reverse of the economic cycles that have determined our progress and development.

Saying, for example, that justifying climate change, a new catchphrase of the extreme left, is putting an end to the use of fossil fuels.

Such an aberration, that is why MinMinas speaks of “degrowth” in a sick conception of environmentalism, its cradle.

What we do know is that every day they take over language, and by distorting it, they create confusion for citizens, many of whom end up believing that they are the new champions of progress and development.

We all know that these people, some of them, very few by the way, are very enlightened, talkative straw others, most of them ignorant everywhere, do not speak, bray, and want the rest of the citizens to do the same, to resign to have better living conditions, permanently inviting them down paths of poverty and misery.

They love to see poverty and misery in others, except in the leaders who are flooded with money; They hate capitalism, but they live in capitalist countries, and now they use drug trafficking for their needs, that’s why they don’t pursue crime, simply because they are their best allies in the new form of white-collar crime.

If you want the support of the extreme left, become a criminal and you will get it.

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Don’t forgive a criminal because he betrays you. This is happening in Latin America, cases like Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and our country is no exception.

The pardoned delinquent acquires more strength and motivation to increase in crime; hence the danger of a “Total peace” consisting of forgiving the delinquent rather than punishing him; you will gouge out your eyes in the future.

It is so much the despair and concern of the government, I mean the president and his MinMinas, who spend their time wandering the world, proclaiming the redemption of environmentalism at the expense of the development of the peoples, before the oil runs out; what a stupid thing.

It seems that they were invested with divine powers for it; They believe they are gods, they call themselves the new “owner” leader of Latin America and the world, but fortunately, the world is beginning to understand the high levels of collective imbecility in which they find themselves.

Our democracy, true democracy, this path to extinction, if we do not immediately use our own mechanisms to get rid of the proposals of a clumsy, inept and incapable government.

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