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Inflation, the map of price increases: from motorways to TPL cars, food and energy

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Inflation, the map of price increases: from motorways to TPL cars, food and energy

After fuel, food, energy and raw materials, the rise in motorway tolls and car insurance are also on the way. From the end of June, Autostrade per l’Italia is preparing to trigger a 1.5% increase in tolls. In reality, the decision is still in the preliminary phase and will be decided by the competent authorities. “We are talking very little, we are discussing it at this stage with the ministry – said CEO Roberto Tomasi -. I remember that our rates remained blocked starting from 2018 ».

Risks risk for motor liability insurance

If the retouching goes through, it would still be another additional commitment for the pockets of the Italians. But also the drop in the prices of the TPL sector could have come to an end. As explained by Ivass. “After a 38% reduction in motor liability insurance premiums in the last ten years, inflation, significantly affecting the prices of repairs and spare parts, risks interrupting the process” explained Luigi Federico Signorini, president of Ivass, the authority of the insurance sector which on Tuesday 28 June presented the report on the activity carried out in 2021. In the Motor TPL class, according to an analysis presented by the authority, the Italian tariffs (353 euros on average in the first quarter of 2022) are between the highest in the EU, even if the process of convergence continues: compared to 2008, the differential with the European average has decreased by more than 50%.

Consumer protest

And even in this case, consumers are on a war footing. “For insurance companies, any excuse is good to try to raise the prices of TPL auto, even if the increases would be completely unmotivated and unjustified,” said Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union. “The higher costs of repairs, in fact, can be more than offset by the hefty profits collected during the lockdowns. According to the latest Istat data for May, car spare parts rose by only 3.2% on an annual basis, less than half compared to the general inflation of 6.8%, while the maintenance and repair of private means of transport registers an increase of 3.7%. Increases that can be safely managed given the fall of the accidents of the past years »concludes Dona.

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New increases in sight for electricity and gas bills

In the meantime, however, new increases in sight in the third quarter of the year are also expected for electricity and gas bills, probably double-digit according to the calculations of Nomisma Energia. The increases were in the air after the surge in gas prices on international markets caused by the squeeze on supplies decided by Gazprom starting in mid-June. And so, according to the forecasts of the research company chaired by Davide Tabarelli, in the third quarter Italian families could have to deal with increases in gas by 27% and electricity by 17%. The calculations will officially be up to theEnergy Authority (Arera)which will make the new rates reserved for the protected market Thursday 30 June. If there are, as probable, the price increases will start from 1 July and will be valid for the entire third quarter of the year. After three months of oxygen, with the 10% drop set for the April-June period, there will therefore be a return to a growth trend, despite the fact that the government has kept in place the zeroing of system charges, which has now become practically unavoidable.

Price increases in the shopping cart, Assoutenti: higher expenditure of 554 euros

But also the shopping cart of the Italians becomes more and more “light” because it is more and more empty. Also effect of the rise in fuel prices which, as is well known, immediately spread on consumer prices. «The prices of food products recorded a record surge, increasing by + 7.4% compared to last year and by + 1.2% in just one month. – explains the president of Assoutenti Furio Truzzi – This means that a family, just to eat, has to take into account a higher expenditure on average equal to +554 euros per year. We are in the presence of a real alarm that is unfortunately destined to worsen in the coming months ». Among the major increases recorded by Assoutenti in May on a trend basis: flour (+ 18.7%), pasta + (20.5%), butter (+ 23.3%), tomatoes (+ 20.6%).

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