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Influenza A is a self-limiting disease and can be relieved in about a week

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Influenza A is a self-limiting disease and can be relieved in about a week

Influenza A is a self-limiting disease, which can be relieved in about a week. Blindly taking medicine is risky. It is very important to prevent it well.Fly into the homes of ordinary people

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Gao Yang) Winter and spring are intertwined, the climate is warm and cold, the temperature difference between day and night fluctuates, and seasonal infectious diseases have entered a period of high incidence and prevalence. Recently, the number of patients and children receiving medical treatment of major hospitals in Shanghai has increased. Experts said that influenza A is not a new type of influenza virus, and there are corresponding prevention and treatment strategies.

Caption:Experts said that influenza A is not a new type of influenza virus, and there are corresponding prevention and treatment strategies. Source/Oriental IC

According to reports, influenza viruses can be divided into four types according to their core proteins: A, B, C, and D. The influenza viruses that circulate seasonally in the human population are influenza A (subtype A H1N1 and subtype A H3N2) and type B (type Yamagata and Victoria) influenza viruses. Compared with influenza B virus, influenza A virus has many hosts in nature and is more prone to mutation or reassortment, resulting in its rapid spread among the population. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that the recent increase in influenza activity in many places in my country is caused by the H1N1 subtype of influenza A virus.

According to Zou Jing, deputy chief physician of the Respiratory Department of Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, the recent number of patients received by the Respiratory Department has increased significantly compared with the previous period. Symptoms are mild.

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“Among the patients with influenza A, there are many younger ones, and there is a certain proportion of students,” said Zou Jing. In high-incidence areas, if there is an epidemiological history in this area, we will advise patients to do antigen reagent testing for influenza.”

Zou Jing said that the manifestations of influenza A are similar to those of the common cold, with symptoms such as fever and cough, but systemic symptoms and fever symptoms of influenza A are more serious, and cough symptoms are slightly less. A stream also has a certain self-limiting nature, and it can be relieved in about a week without other complications. Generally, symptomatic and supportive treatment is enough. “For influenza A virus, we will also carry out antiviral treatment after diagnosis, and prescribe drugs such as oseltamivir.”

Recently, many people want to buy antiviral drugs such as oseltamivir and plan to stock up in advance. In this regard, Dr. Zou Jing said that oseltamivir is a prescription drug and should be used under the guidance of a professional doctor, and it is not recommended to take it by yourself. “Most antiviral drugs are relatively safe, but there is also a risk of allergic reactions after use if they have not been taken before. As far as oseltamivir is concerned, adults take 75 mg twice a day; but if it is for children , It should be calculated according to body weight; for patients with renal insufficiency, doctors will also adjust the dosage of the drug. Blindly taking it has certain risks.”

Experts believe that in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the past few years, everyone insisted on the “three-piece suit” and “five more”, and the probability of being exposed to the influenza A environment was relatively reduced. According to the analysis of the monitoring report recently released by China CDC, it is still the flu epidemic season. After the Spring Festival, the flow of people increases, the school starts, and students return to collective life, which is prone to mutual infection. Some citizens are also worried about the risk of influenza A merging with the new crown. Many respiratory experts explained that there is indeed such a possibility clinically, but the probability of occurrence is very low.

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It is reported that flu vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent influenza. For high-risk groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, and young children who have not yet been vaccinated against influenza, vaccination as soon as possible when the influenza vaccine is available can still play a good role in prevention and protection. In addition, you should still pay attention to maintaining good hygiene habits such as hand hygiene and cough etiquette; during the flu season, try to avoid going to crowded places and avoid contact with people with respiratory symptoms; if you have respiratory symptoms, you should rest at home and conduct health observation. Go to work and class without sickness; when going to the hospital for medical treatment, patients and accompanying staff need to wear masks to avoid cross-infection.

Hu Yong, director of pediatrics at Shanghai Dongfang Hospital (South Hospital), said that infants and young children have atypical symptoms after infection and are more likely to develop complications. After infection with influenza, seek medical treatment in time to reduce fever in time to avoid convulsions caused by high fever. Parents should help their children develop good hygiene habits, and children under the age of 3 should be actively vaccinated against influenza to prevent infection.

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